Innovative Wrist Band Towel

The Pandemic has taught us “Germs” on surfaces are a REAL threat. WristBandTowel has designed a wearable Towel to make it easy to carry , keeping it away from potential contaminated surfaces.

This Patented Wearable Towels can be used for most Fitness activities , it has the utility of a wristband and the functionality of a towel.

• Attractive Price
• Easy to wear- remove-wear
• Longer shelf life – more than 600 washes
• Comes in a variety of fun colors
• Customizable for Corporate , Clubs , Fitness Centre branding
• Super Absorbent , light , quick dry nano fabric

The idea of our WBT (wristband towel) is a small step to protect us from exposure to hidden germs on surfaces as we indulge in our favourite fitness routines. so no more throwing / hanging your towel on germ infected surfaces or struggling to find a place to keep your towel while you go for those long cycling/walking trips.

Just wrap our patented design towel around your wrist to use as a wristband or unstrap it to use as a towel. Cool idea right?

Wrist Band Towel is available on

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