Looking For Pre-paid Visa Card For Kids And Helpers? You Must Read This.

Mom, can I get 3 dollars? I want to buy a book.
Mam, please give me 10 dollars. I want to buy bread and milk from the supermarket.

Everyday either kid or helper or both need money for some or other reason and to be honest, I don’t keep ready cash in my wallet. Lot of parents are in the same boat isn’t it? Also, when we keep giving small change to kids or helpers, many a times, we simply lose track of how much we are giving and how much they are spending! At the same time, parents have the responsibility to inculcate principles of financial literacy and smart money management in kids since young. How to streamline all aspects of money and spending for kids and helpers?

I was looking for a viable option to solve these spending woes and that’s how I discovered CanvasPre-paid Visa Card and App for Kids And Helpers.





Canvas brings to life the concept of Cashless Pocket money and makes life really easier for parents of kids and employers of helpers. Canvas is a great way to teach your children the value of money with Canvas app and debit card. At the same time, it facilitates to manage household spend for Domestic Workers. It’s only prepaid Visa card designed for helpers.

Why Canvas?

Canvas works well for families with kids and helpers very well due to multiple reasons:

  • Cashless pocket money and household expenses
  • Top up funds to cards, Manage spending on the go
  • 30 day free trial and just $2.99 per month per card thereafter
  • View, search and filter transactions



How to Get Started?

Generally, when we think about getting cards for special groups like kids / helpers, we foresee too much of documentation and other procedures but getting Canvas is easy-peasy!.

Step 1: Create Profile: Download the canvas app and sign up

Canvas App is available for download on App Store as well as Google Play. Sign up is quick and easy and comes with a Free 30 day trial.

Step 2: Order Cards: Select how many cards you require and add your cardholder details.

Provide more details and order your cards.

Step 3: Subscribe: Save your payment details

Subscribe to Canvas and save your payment details for topping up the cards.

You’ll love the convenience Canvas gives to top up, lock or cancel the card. All you have to do is a simple click.


Put these cards to use

After your order, you’ll receive cards within 10 days. Make sure you and your cardholders have downloaded the app.

The next step will be to activate cards. It’s just one click activation via the app. Once your cards are activated you can add money. Your kids and helper can start spending and yes, you can go tracking to ensure your money is utilized properly.


Where can I use Canvas?

  • Canvas can be used for transportation expenses
  • Canvas can be used for online shopping
  • Canvas can be used wherever Tap and Pay by Visa works in Singapore and even overseas



Canvas is a prepaid Visa debit card that you can order for each child and domestic worker. Whether it’s pocket money or grocery shopping, managing your household expenses has never been easier.


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Get Started with Canvas

Sign up here for Rainbow Diaries  special offer of : – 30 days free trial and $10 credit on each kids’ Canvas card (available upon activation) 
Upon submission of your details, you will be taken to the app store/Google play store to download the app. Follow the sign-up instructions and order your cards!

Canvas adds discipline to your finances and to your kids’ and helper’s spending. It’s a good habit for the entire family I must say!

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