Did you check this website for discovering the best deals and promotions in Singapore

Have you ever find yourself going across many websites and Facebook pages to find the greatest deals and promotions in Singapore? Well, I have. There are too many apps, websites, and social media channels to check just to get the best deals.

Especially during this pandemic, finding the best shopping deals, promo codes, group buys are really important for better cost savings.

Gabriel Sze is currently a university student at NTU pursuing the Renaissance Engineering Programme, and he always struggled to find the best student deals and promotions.

Many people generally dislike installing more applications on the phone and prefer searching via the web. While the web is very convenient and easier to share around, many websites tend to have poor user experiences. Hence, Gabriel decided to develop a simpler website that would be helpful for my search for deals.

In the past year, He developed https://divedeals.sg for a better experience in discovering deals on the web.He focused on providing a simpler and better user experience on the web (which feels like an application), with helpful features to help deal lovers navigate and find their favourite deals. This website is highly optimized for mobile viewing, although it works on a desktop as well!


Why Dive Deals?

  • Easily find the best deals and promotions on the web
  • Simple and easy to navigate user experience
  • Clear and concise deal details
  • Personalized experience for your favourite deals and brands



The home page features a simple layout for deals to be found easily based on categories and is always updated according to the newest and latest. It also features a slide-down gesture to snap into the map view, allowing users to have an overview of the locations around Singapore where the deal is active at. Also, there is an option to search for nearby promotions wherever you are.


On clicking one of the deals, the individual deal page aims to filter and prioritize important and essential information about the ongoing deal, such as the valid duration, criteria and terms. This means that users do not need to spend time reading long articles and are able to quickly extract the relevant deal information via this page.


Finally, the brand page allows users to find deals of their favourite brands directly on the web. There is also an option to create a profile on our platform to sign up for an account, which allows users to follow their favourite brands and store their favourite deals.



Apart from some newer and fancy features, they have been dedicated to source and help local businesses during this pandemic, including brands such as TWG Tea, Flash Coffee and Mr Bean.  For the latest deal updates via social media, you can follow Divedeals.sg on their Facebook or Instagram.


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