15-Minute Activities Of Self-Love To Refresh Instantly

Many ladies from my mom community ask me – how do you find me-time and what’s self-love according to you? It’s very simple actually!

Just manage to steal at least 15-20 mins from your daily hustle and spend it on YOURSELF ALONE to take care of your own happiness and well-being – that’s my definition of self-love ?

In those 15-20 mins, I bet you can do so many things and feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

? Take a power nap
✍️ Indulge in your hobby – example: I write article on my site or create content for IG
?‍♀️ Go for a quick walk around your apartment or get a Yoga fix
? Water your garden
? Watch one quick episode of your favourite soap
? Read newspaper or book
?‍♀️ Meditate
?‍♀️ Do nothing
? Do a short session of Pamper-me by indulging in high quality skincare
? Have a hearty meal of your choice


Do tell us what is Self-love for you.





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