Mum Shares: 30-days Healthy Lunch Menu

Mum shares her secret of losing postpartum weight and the big contributor was her choice of lunches. Sudhi shares her lunch plan for 30 days. Read on!

To lose post baby weight I found many kind of diets, intermittent fasting, exercise etc on web. But I felt lost because was not sure who to follow or what to follow at the same time I wasn’t ready to get a big hole in my pocket. Being at home new mom, I found difficult to take out time for myself. By evening I was exhausted and my health was getting worse while it is important to be healthy mom for the baby.

Finally, I found my ways towards healthy and nutritional eating. I took a 30 days challenge and I lost 5.1 kilos in a month. Below is my lunch menu for 30 days which I followed:

Day 1 Lunch: Sprouted (at home) Green Moong, brinjal sauté in extra virgin olive oil with Himalayan pink salt and chilli flakes, Brown Rice and Salad


Day 2 Lunch: Brown fried rice with lots of spinach and cauliflower and mix veg salad





Day 3 Lunch : Toor Dal, Brown Rice with Ivy Gourd veggie


Day 4 Lunch: Oats with veg stir fry and home-made beans sprouts


Day 5 Lunch: Store bought brown noodles with lots of greens.


Day 6 Lunch: Brown rice, toor dal, Corn soup and salad.




 Day 7 Lunch: Brown rice, Green moong dal, broccoli and salad.


Day 8 Lunch: Brown rice, Toor dal and Broccoli


Day 9 Lunch: Brown rice and soy nuggets in tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes salad.




Day 10 Lunch: Brown rice with mix veg (Ginger, garlic, Cauliflower, baby corns, cherry tomatoes and some Thai greens)


Day 11 Lunch: Mix veg whole wheat pasta loaded with spinach.


Day 12 Lunch: Chickpeas curry with 2Tsp Brown Rice and Salad.









Day 13 Lunch: Mix veg suji Upma with salad.


Day 14 Lunch: 2tsp brown rice and a bowl of toor dal with salad.

Day 15 Lunch: Green Dal (Moong dal) with tomato puree and Chinese spinach

loaded with garlic.




Day 16 Lunch: Fried Rice (garlic, onions, broccoli, Cabbage, green beans, baby corn, carrot, cherry tomatoes,  olives & tofu.) With just 2tsp brown rice.

Day 17 Lunch: Oats porridge with barely any Oats but loaded with Cauliflower, Beans, cherry tomatoes, Olives with homemade garlic pickle and Spinach with garlic dashed with sesame.

Day 18 Lunch: Idli Sambhar with cucumber salad. (Bad option)








Day 19 Lunch: Rajma and Mix veg Salad.

Day 20 Lunch: 2tsp oats with loads of veggies like cauliflower, beans, peas, onions & garlic. Along with cucumber salad.


Day 21 Lunch: green lentils soup (moong dal) & Ladyfinger veggie with ginger and sesame sprinkled.






Day 22 Lunch: 4pcs of whole wheat pasta with Spinach, tomatoes, tofu, chilli and lemon boiled in #knorr vegstock cube (half only as I was making for myself only). Along with home made brown beans (Moth) sprouts with green chilli and some seasoning.


Day 23 Lunch: sprouted brown beans (moth/matki) and sambhar rice with barely any rice. Added green beans, tomatoes, ginger, garlic in toor dal and salad.

Day 24 Lunch : Oats with Broccoli and Ivy Guard.






Day 25 Lunch: Black eye beans with oats porridge and homemade chilli pickle. For soup I used #knorr vegstock half cube to boil my corn and a big tomato.


Day 26 Lunch: Mix veg Oats Upma.

Day 27 Lunch: Toor Dal , Oats Porridge with Cauliflower n Broccoli sate and salad.

Day 28 Lunch: Potato Carrot soup, broccoli sauté, oats porridge and cucumber salad.

Day 29 Lunch: Veg Suji Upma and Mix Veg Soup


Day 30 Lunch: Brown rice, Green Moong Dal, Spinach Soup and salad


Type of Exercises done: I did light walking 2-3 times a week and yoga 1-2 times a week.


I would be really happy to help ladies and gentlemen as well as young adults to lose weight or gain weight or just trying to lead a healthy life. With this routine, you might also be able to get better results on certain medical conditions. Because our body need good nutritions and healthy food in take. After all, what goes in is what shows out. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me to know more about my journey.

Article contributed by: @weightlosswithmom

Disclaimer: Before you start any diet or weight loss program, please consult your physicians if necessary. Also, please do check for food allergies before you try out dishes mentioned in this post. All opinions expressed in this article are solely of the author’s only.