Wary Of Spam? You Must Try This Comprehensive Tool For Safer Communication

Hello, this is your bank calling, please submit your identification document asap.

This is XYZ from health department, you have been exposed to Covid

Hi Bro, I’m offering you personal loan. Just message me your address.

We all have received and regularly receive such spammy messages and even calls on our phone. Many have fallen prey to these tricks and have lost their valuable information and money. Many of us have exposed our health data, personal information of our family members over the phone. Somehow, the perpetrators are getting stronger and we have very limited control over their actions.

Phone and other gadgets are double-edged sword and we have to use them very mindfully. But many a times the spam looks so real that we miss the judgement and boom! before we know we are caught in the vicious web of nasty people.

We have found CALLAPP that can truly be a future of communication. Read on to find more about it.




CALLAPP – A Comprehensive Tool for Filtering Spam, Recording Calls, Identifying Callers and More


Available on Google Play, CallApp is a free caller ID and phone call blocker app. Trusted by more than 100 million users and supports over 200 countries, CallApp has not only been chosen by Google as one of the top Android apps, it has also won several awards and has been highly recommended by many top-rated tech magazines worldwide.


Why CallApp?


To put it simply, CallApp allows mobile users to:

  • blocks all spam and scam calls
  • identify telemarketing calls
  • records phone calls
  • blacklist unwanted callers
  • Identify unsaved contacts and more.

It reinvents the way people communicate, by providing them with the right information and tools at the right time, right where they need it.

How CallApp Works?


  • AI Based Technology to identify Caller ID

Advanced technology behind CallApp facilitates advanced Caller ID. With information on more than 3 billion phone numbers worldwide, it can instantly identify just about any number that is calling you, even those that are not saved as a contact in your mobile phone. This includes any individual or business, hence helping to identify potential telemarketers, harassment calls or fraud.


CallApp has a built-in service that allows users to mark a call as spam. It will then notify other users if they receive a call from that number. CallApp software is based on AI that tries to identify numbers as accurately as possible.


While most Caller ID apps and technologies are not capable of confirming numbers and recognizing them as a spoof, CallApp also has the ability to verify numbers against Caller ID spoofing.


  • Block Scam and Spam Calls

CallApp’s combination of tech and creative techniques makes it the ultimate call blocking app. It not only recognizes scam/spam calls, it also allows you to prevent these calls from coming in next time on. Any number can be blocked with just a click, and they’ll never know too! It also allows you to block phone calls from private and hidden numbers instantly.




  • Call Recorder

Recording your mobile phone calls whether it’s for a phone interview or office / customer calls or for more serious reasons like recording a scammer’s call or verbal abuse / harassment calls, CallApp has got you covered with its ability to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls.



There’s more to CallApp


CallApp may be best known as a Caller ID and Call Blocker app, but there’s more to it. To give users a complete experience, there are many other valuable features seamlessly integrated into CallApp.


CallApp’s other features include:


  • Advanced contact book
  • Backing up your contact lists
  • Phone number search
  • Personalized video ringtones
  • Incoginito mode
  • Who viewed your profile
  • Call reminders
  • Analytics and insights
  • Car mode


You can find out more here.



CallApp’s Basic Version is Free to Download.

Premium packages are available either on a monthly basis or a lifetime subscription from not more than USD1 per month, both of which offers an ad-free experience, unlimited call recordings, and access to CallApp plus (the ability to identify messages from unsaved contacts), unlocks all your profile views and data insights, store items for free and even provides you with premium support with a faster response rate.

Download CallApp here.


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