How I Ditched Negativity Of Mindless Scrolling

Scrolling through social media is common. Most of us do it. During COVID period, it has increased even more. Consuming other people’s social media mindlessly leaves negative impacts on our mental and physical well-being.

Some simple tips and tricks how I ditched / the negative impacts of mindless scrolling through other people’s social media:

? Enjoy, Appreciate others’ good content.

?Be alert to acknowledge the fact that sometimes you start to get more interested in others’ Online life than your own Real Life.

? Learn from the good content shared by others – Example: if you see a different angle of camera doing wonders or an edit that does the magic. Learn from it and try to incorporate that in your own social media content. #dontcopy

? Be unique – There’s a difference in Copy-Paste and Getting inspired. We all know that difference deep down in our mind. Rather than copying someone else’s ideas, create and share your own views and experiences. #beoriginal

? Don’t judge – You can’t judge anyone based on their Social media content. People who don’t post much probably are doing much bigger and better things offline. OR people who post happy, beautiful pics might be going through lots of challenges.

? Don’t compare – once you get into it, there’s going to be a personal downfall. Why this person looks so beautiful and why I can’t or how this person can afford costly stuff and why I can’t etc. Only one thing to remember – Everyone gets or will get what’s rightfully theirs sooner or later. ?

? Don’t take it too seriously – Social Media is a double-edged sword. We better use it positively. Let’s always remember that it’s not necessary to take Social Media that seriously to the level it hampers your physical and mental well-being.

?What lessons you have learnt from your social media experience? Do share!


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