myFirst Fone R1 Review: Smart Phone Watch for Kids, Peace of mind for Parents

Gadgets have become a quintessential part of our lives since childhood. As a parent, we are concerned with aspects like excessive screen time and strain on eyes.However,  myFirst Fone R1 is the latest gadget that parents will surely approve since it helps in dispelling their worries about the safety of the kid sans the harmful aspects of a phone.



myFirst Fone R1 is a great platform for communication and comes with several exciting features that kids and parents will love.



In the new normal, parents in Singapore have resumed office and working in a hybrid mode. Even when Working parents are in office, the background thread of anxiety is always running on mind thinking about kids. Where are they currently, are they safe, is everything okay and so on.myFirst Fone R1 gives them peace of mind to a better extent.


Features of myFirst Fone R1 that we love:


  • 4G Music Smartwatch Phone with GPS & Video Call
  • Precise Location tracking that uses GPS, WiFi and GSM
  • Real-Time Communication via audio / video calls, messages
  • Geo-fencing that lets you add safety zones and alert parents if kids are out of that safety zone.
  • One-Touch SOS
  • 500 songs on kid’s wrist – Shrihaan loves and learns singing and he is loving this feature.



  • MyFirstFone app that makes setup and management of the watch very convenient.



  • Affordable data plans
  • Steps and Fitness tracker



  • 2-megapixel inbuilt camera
  • Available in: Grey, Blue, Purple


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8 thoughts on “myFirst Fone R1 Review: Smart Phone Watch for Kids, Peace of mind for Parents”

  1. This seems a very interesting product for kids. The inbuilt camera and multiple colours makes it more attractive.

  2. This is called versatality. So many awesome features in a gadget is seldom found. Will send the link of this article to my husband- the gadget geek.

  3. I recently bought a croosbeats orbit. And it is very similar to this one. I don’t have camera in it. Rest everything is similar. Even UI is same.

  4. The mY First Fone R1 seems to be a very feature packed and useful gadget. I really like the feature the Geo-fencing feature that enables one to add safety zones.

  5. Technology has really changed the way we live. This device is so useful for working parents and even those are taken care of by their elderly grandparents. This way they can safely track their child.

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