Ergonomic Furniture Review: Perfect Posture with Minidesk and Melody

2020 has changed the way we all work and study. For kids in particular, last year was a sudden jolt and they had to unlearn and relearn the way they study. Schools introduced E-learning in a big way and parents had to home school the kids for a major part of 2020. In all probabilities, e-learning will be an integral part of the school system forever now. For parents, this means we have to ensure that kids have conducive environment for learning from home and we have to factor in screen time also. Minidesk has launched Electric Height-Adjustable Desk and Melody chair to ensure that kids maintain perfect posture. What’s coolest is the fact that Minidesk and Melody chair will be constant companion of the kids since they are designed to grow together with kids.

Minidesk is by the same trusted guys behind Omnidesk and they have combined every lesson they’ve learnt in their journey and distilled it into an ergonomic furniture called Minidesk that grows with our child.

Read on to know more about Minidesk and how it makes study delightful for kids.

Minidesk Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

It’s a minimalist study desk that does what it is supposed to be doing and exceeds expectations to a great extent. Available in three pleasant colors – pink, blue and white, Minidesk is a welcome addition to your home. It looks very classy and it’s very easy to match it with your home decor.

Do you know Minidesk is world’s first ever height-adjustable electric desk? That electric height-adjustment is very fun and works flawlessly.

It adjusts perfectly to the kid’s height. My elder daughter adjusts Minidesk at a higher height just by pressing a button and younger one lowers down the height by pressing the button. It’s just so convenient and fast to ensure both the kids have comfortable and perfect posture while studying or attending their online lessons. In fact, my son uses Minidesk to keep his iPad while he stands and attends his music lesson. The best part is that the table is suitable for so many activities.

Safety features:

  • Child-safe touch screen controller
  • Formaldehyde-free powder coat
  • Volatile Organic Compound(VOC)-free

Minidesk comes with specially designed ergonomic chair called Melody and a suit of other accessories making it one of the best solutions to support kids’ growing years.

Melody – Kids Ergonomic Chair

Minidesk in itself is a great study desk but Melody definitely makes it complete. It is the quintessential ergonomic chair engineered to provide your child with the optimal support delivering a sitting experience that is truly bespoke.

It looks very adorable and there are three color choices for the cushion cover – original grey, blue and pink.

We are loving our Melody chair and its features:

  • Height-Adjustable seat and Lumbar support
  • Removable and washable collapsible type zipper cover
  • Child Safe Brakes
  • Wide load-bearing base for optimum stability
  • Childproof Swivel locks
  • Fully adjustable and ergonomically moulded back rest
  • Nylon foot plate for storage

We see that our kids enjoy sitting in this chair and absolutely no complains at all. I tried out Melody too and found it very comfortable to the back.

*Melody can only be purchased as part of a bundles and it cannot be sold separately.

Spark Desk Lamp

Kids have to study in the evening and that’s why we thought it will be great to have a table lamp. Spark Desk Lamp from Minidesk is a welcome addition to our Minidesk and Melody.

4 different color temperatures as well as a built-in Wireless Qi charger, Spark Desk Lamp creates a perfect ambiance for study as well as screen time.

  • Decrease Brightness | Increase Brightness
  • 2 Hour Timer | 1 Hour Timer

Check other accessories

Get your ergonomic furniture from Minidesk from here:

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