The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials You Need To Own Today

Here Are 21 Ultimate Closet Essentials You Need To Own Today

Do I have a personal style? Is the way I dress up can be called my style, or I get swayed by the various fashion trends? Does my personal style change from time to time? Can it be influenced, or can I be an influencer? How do I design a timeless wardrobe?

I am sure many of us ask these questions as we go through the various stages of life. Our style changes as we play different roles in our lives till we finally settle down with something that we can call our own. But let me first define what personal style means me.

To me, personal style is the way an individual chooses to express himself or herself through their choice of clothing, hairstyles, accessories etc. Therefore, each one of us has our unique style though we may not realize it.

I feel dressing up well is a basic courtesy that we owe to ourselves & the people we interact with.  For people who feel that spending too much time on this aspect is a waste, I strongly recommend my Blog – 7 Awesome Reasons Why I like To Dress Up for some motivation.

Coming back to our personal style, when I was searching for the list of all fashion styles, I got a list ranging from 10 to 40 styles. Wow, that’s quite a huge variation.

And as I went through each one of them, I realized that we probably adopt various styles as we go through the various stages of life and finally settle down to our unique style which we are comfortable in.

For e.g., many of us prefer the streetwear style during our teenage years which graduates to Ethnic fashion as we moved to our graduation stage.

Formal work wear or Business casuals are the personal style for professionals which can smoothly translate to uber chic style for the evenings.

For me my personal style evolved over the years and was influenced by the following factors:

  1. My Upbringing & Country of Birth
  2. The Social Environment
  3. Family & Friends who are great influencers
  4. My Profession
  5. Prevalent fashion trends

While my style would have evolved there are some wardrobe essentials that remain my constant companions and have enhanced my personal style.

Here is my ultimate wardrobe checklist and I am sure these find a place in many of your closets too.

21 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

I will divide the basic wardrobe essentials into 5 categories:

  • Capsule Wardrobe
  • Workout essentials
  • Party Ready
  • Work Wear
  • Nightwear

In this blog, I will talk about my Capsule Wardrobe and how basic wardrobe planning can help you lead a well-dressed life even with a minimalistic wardrobe.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of basics that you can mix and match effortlessly to create multiple looks.

For me the following basics across clothing, accessories and make-up work wonders.

My Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Tank tops

I have almost all colours of cotton tank tops and find it one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever invented. Also, the fact that I spent a major part of my life in a hot & humid city like Mumbai, India and now in Singapore, these are my favourite companions.

You can style these tank tops is various ways-

  • With shorts as casual daywear for the house.
  • With Jeans/ skirts for a quick drive down to the supermarket.
  • Club this with a smart oversized shirt for a casual evening out.
  • Wear these with a blingy jacket for a dinner date.
  • Wear them for your walks or to the gym.
  • Pair them with comfy Pajamas for the night

Isn’t it worth to have these in different colours?

  1. Shorts

This is my new found love, blame it on the Singapore weather. I practically live through the day in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Again a very fuss-free garment and can be paired with casual or fancy tops and shirts depending upon your mood.

  1. A Pair of Good Fitting Denim Jeans

Someone rightly said “Food. Water. Denim. Let’s get back to essentials ”.

I am sure all of us have at least one denim outfit in our wardrobe. This can be either pair of jeans or shorts, a dress or shoes, a jacket or belt.

A pair of jeans can take us through the day , no matter what our mood is.

Some people prefer to wear loose, baggy, oversized jeans and that’s their personal choice.

My personal favourite is blue well-fitted denim jeans. A touch of embroidery or bling adds on to the style quotient, and I prefer these unique elements though with a discreet touch.

  1. A Jacket

A Jacket, any form or material is a great buy. My all-time favourites are Denim Jackets though I love to own leather & winter jackets too. But for me, Denim works best in a warm climate.

But do I need a jacket in a warm climate? Yes, while outside is warm, inside the offices, shopping malls & cinema halls its very cold. Therefore a Denim Jacket is a great companion over jeans, formal trousers or even dresses to keep you stylishly comfortable.

Today we have various shades of Denim available, but the conventional blue is my all-time favourite. Again a little bit of embroidery or crystals adds to the charm & quirkiness.

  1. Plain Black Yoga Leggings

While these leggings are for workouts, I wear them more for casual outings than for Yoga. You can pair them with crop tops, T-shirts, shift dresses or even traditional Indian kurtas. Pair your outfit with heels, wedges or even flat shoes, and you are good to go. So when you don’t know what to wear, make this your wardrobe staple. And you are done.

  1. The Little Black Dress

No women’s wardrobe is complete without the “LBD” – the Little Black Dress. You can dress up or dress down with your LBD and you will never go wrong.

Pair you LBD with blingy earrings and a Red Lipstick to burn the dance floor. Or you may choose to remain simple yet elegant and go nude on your lips with simple solitaire studs.

This is a wardrobe essential of any age group whether you are 16 or 60 years. And you can easily Transition from office to a party just accessorising your LBD differently.

    7. Red Lipstick

Have you heard this “ Red lipstick is the beauty equivalent of a shot of Espresso”? Well, I believe so. Nothing lifts my spirits more than a Red lipstick on a bad day. Therefore it is a must-have for me.

But seriously if red is not your colour, then whatever is your favourite shade of lipstick, just wear that & see your mood light up.

  1. Black Eyeliner & Kohl

I hate to go out without my eyeliner for one reason that I have big eyes which look even bigger without the Kohl. So, if I have to get ready quickly, then I use red lipstick and Black eyeliner & I am ready!!!

So, we spoke about the basic clothes and make up. Now let’s move onto my favourite -the Accessories.

Accessories are the difference that make a difference.

It is in these small details that your style can be personalised. Two people can wear the same outfit, but the way they accessorise the outfit gives their style their individuality.

And the best of all, the same dress can look different if accessorised in a different way and can be used for multiple occasions.

My list of Accessories includes jewellery, shoes and of course sunglasses. And some of these I will not hesitate to include in my extended capsule wardrobe.

So, let’s resume from where we left.

  1. Set of Colourful Bracelets

I have this collection of beads, gemstones and pearls bracelets which I have collected over the years from various places I visited. There are the best accompaniments for any casual outings with family or friends. And with multiple colours to choose from, they add the required flavour & zest to a simple outfit.

  1. Finger Rings

Again, the kind of rings depends on your personal choice. Some prefer to wear big artificial stones while others like me prefer to wear their wedding rings. I slowly graduate from wearing multiple to single one, but this one is definitely on my favourite list.

  1. Statement Neckpieces

I love to wear statement neckpieces, especially with plain single-colour outfits. I come from India, which is a haven for beautiful colourful neckpieces, and I love to pair them with both western & India outfits.

  1. Pair of White shoes/snickers

A must-have to team with your jeans, skirts & shorts. You never go wrong with a white pair and works best for a casual outing or a fun brunch with your friends.

  1. A Pair of Wedges

I feel the most comfortable pair of sandals ever invented is the wedges. It’s my everyday workwear as well as my preferred party accessory. I am not a closed shoe, or a Pumps person & will wear stilettoes only if I don’t have a wedges option. The best part is that the wedges come in various options for the heels, so I have to take out my stilettoes very rarely.

In terms of colours get them in Black, White & Nude & your are done. (Not that woman are happy with only three ever)

Check out some cool wedges right here.

  1. A Pair of Sports Shoes

If you are a workout freak like me, then I am sure this is already a part of your closet. It’s always better to invest in a good pair as you are going to use them to support your body.

  1. Fun Flip-Flops

These are for all the times you don’t want to wear fancy sandals. Keep these handy as they are not only comfortable, but they add on to your casual style quotient. Of course, please don’t wear them to a formal restaurant.

Click here to get an amazing collection of sports shoes & Flip Flops

  1. Black Small Handbag

Whosoever said that behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag, is bang on. A woman can do without flowers but not handbags. And there are some basic pieces, one must-have like a black small handbag which can be a crossbody bag. This is big enough to carry your basics like a wallet, sunglasses, lipstick and wet tissues.  But small enough not to overstuff which we women tend to do.

I have graduated from carrying big bags to small light handbags as I find them more convenient and elegant.

Again, these can be used for casual outings and formal dinners as well.

  1. A Fancy Clutch

This one is for special night outs. While it is tempting to buy the entire shelf, it’s prudent to go for neutral colors and patterns which can go with multiple outfits and styles.

  1. Tote Bag

This one is for your numerous shopping expeditions. Since these bags will carry all your shopping weight, so opt for lighter fabric for the bag itself. I also prefer a tote bag with multiple compartments to keep my keys, cell phone, water bottle etc.

  1. Office Bag

OMG, that’s a tough one. For women, office bag means the usual suspects+laptop+office diary+tiffin. So, for all this, I need a big shoulder bag with a separate carry case for the laptop. And the lunch bag is separate.

But this one requires special attention as it needs to be formal yet stylish at least for me. And do make sure you have an outer compartment to keep your cell phone. Imagine you get a call from your boss and you are struggling to trace your phone in your handbag.

Browse through this collection for the bag of your choice.

  1. Sunglasses

Never leave your house without your sunglasses. And make sure they have the right constituents to protect your eyes and not just a fashion accessory. For me, light nonmetal frames work the best.

If you are an accessory person like I am , you will simply love these.

  1. Your Radiant Smile

Your Smile is the most important accessory that you can ever wear. Most expensive outfits worn with a grumpy face will lose its charm. While a simple outfit worn with you warm, genuine smile will make you most attractive.

Remember, “Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it”. Therefore, while we can get inspired by other people styles, it may not necessarily suit us. Each one of us can create his/her own unique style. We just need to be willing to experiment.

And where to look for “My Style”? Style is not a display of wealth but an expression of imagination. So, take a hard look at your closet again; your style is hidden there under a pile of clothes.

So if you are planning to overhaul your closet, make sure you pick up some ideas from my wardrobe basics checklist. Mix and match these capsule items and create your own personal style.

The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist That Will Help Define Your Personal Style!

Article contributed by: Rippy Gauba

She is a working professional and a mom of 2 teen daughters. After having worked in the corporate world for 22 years, she is now a free-lance consultant specialising in project management. She very passionate about spending quality time with her family, pet CoCo, painting and blogging. She writes on Mindset, Motivation & Management. These are everyday, practical tips picked up from personal & professional life. These learnings have impacted her life as an individual, as a parent and as a working professional. Read more interesting Posts on My-Ripple-Effect
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