Our Story for the International Day Of The Girl campaign by The Body Shop and Daughters of Tomorrow

We had the honor to be a part of the International Day Of The Girl campaign by The Body Shop and Daughters of Tomorrow.

As a girl and girl’s mother, it was so touching to share our story. All I want to wish is more power for our girls to shine on.

My Miracle Girl, My Superpower!

When Eeshaa was born as a micro-preemie 3 months before EDD weighing just 850 grams… which dropped further to 760 grams in the next 2 days, I knew that motherhood was going to be one of the toughest battles for me. Forget about holding her, I couldn’t even touch for many days.

My husband and I were not even sure for next 3-4 months whether we would be able to save her, but the faith on the Almighty and the extraordinary courage that Eeshaa’s tiniest hands and big eyes gave us turned the tables. Docs, technology and support of loved ones helped the girl survive.

As parents, we have learnt so much from our dearest girl – looking at the brighter side of the gloomiest things and finding the strength within yourself to keep battling on. Yes am talking about the same girl in this photo who is now a Student Leader in her school. Struggling, falling, bouncing back, debating, speaking her mind and thinking aloud…

What can’t girls do?! They can do EVERYTHING and more – we just need to nurture them to grow up into classy and strong ladies, to encourage them to change the world in their own precious ways and to support them so that they get the wings to fly.

This International Day Of The Girl, let’s give a round of applause to our girls. The Body Shop will donate $1 for every transaction made in stores and online (Lazada, Shopee, GrabMart and foodpanda shops) on 11 October, to support Daughters of Tomorrow in helping underprivileged women on their back-to-work journeys to build financially independent and resilient families.

What’s your inspiring story? Do share with me your girl power.

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