Heaps of Laundry At Home? No Problem Because Laundryheap Is Here!

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Laundry woes are common for homes, isn’t it? Lots of clothes of all sizes – big and small, for special occasions and for school and sports – washing them clean and ironing is just not that easy. I don’t even want to mention blankets, curtains and carpets. Many moms spend hours in getting the laundry done even if we have the latest washing machines. Drying laundry and ironing it is a big hassle and the whole routine can get quite daunting. Also, there are clothes that need special care and washing them at home is risky since there is always a danger of spoiling them. Now, we can look forward to end the laundry woes with Laundryheap! With laundryheap, it’s possible to book a same-day laundry & dry cleaning collection with free next-day delivery. Lowest prices are guaranteed and Contactless delivery is available under the New Normal scenario. They even serve the people staying in hotels.

We tried Laundryheap and found that this is indeed a hassle-free solution! Read on to know more about how it works.

Smooth Process:

While browsing their website, when I came across above image. I was wondering whether will it be really that straightforward to get the laundry done? Indeed, it is. Laundryheap has indeed designed the flow very well and it’s very convenient for customers.

Step 1:

You can schedule for the collection of the clothes via Laundryheap website or even from mobile. They have an app if you are an iOS user. All you need to do is – navigate through the clearly designed menu and submit necessary info.

The steps really work as Laundryheap claims them to work. Must give a thumbs up to them for that.

I booked a slot.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

and provided the instructions. I love how Laundryheap has literally all scenarios and instructions in place when it comes to laundry.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

Do check out their extra services.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

In case you need any help before you place the order, there’s a chat option.


It’s necessary that you sort out your laundry to avoid confusion. We were the first-timers so they gave us laundry bags.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

Step 2:

Commendable job here by Laundryheap! They keep the customer updated at every point in time and send multiple notifications before the driver arrives. Instructions are clear and they ensure that the collection is timely. Smooth collection is what we experienced.

Contactless collection and delivery is made available upon request by Laundryheap to ensure that safety is the priority.

Step 3:

Sit back, enjoy and get your laundry delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours! Laundryheap service is very timely and we experienced no delays at all. Again, before they deliver, proper notifications are sent.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

We got lots of bed sheets and pillow covers washed.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

How was the wash service? Perfect! We received our laundry back clean, crisp and fresh. I will definitely give 10/10. We didn’t opt for ironing but the bedsheets still looked like as if they are ironed.

Laundryheap X RainbowDiaries

They don’t have any hidden cost. $40 is the minimum order. Also Laundryheap works with the environment in mind and no harsh chemicals are used.

I find that Laundryheap is your hi-quality solution when the heaps of laundry at home are too mind-boggling to manage – bulky items, delicate clothes, special occasion wear and so on. Will I order again? Yes!


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For more information about Laundryheap, click here.

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  1. Laundryheap seems like the perfect service that could take away the load of laundry cleaning, drying & ironing off our shoulders and save a lot of our valuable time.

  2. The laundry is indeed a never ending cycle, when you think it is done, the cycle begins again. Laundryheap seeems to be an excellent and professional service that takes care of the laundry so seamlessly.

  3. This look like a great option to get the laundry done. Also nice to know they have customer friendly service

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