Screen Time Management Tips – Tried And Tested By A Mom

Screen Time Management is the most commonly discussed topic every now and then among parents.We are all habituated to the new normal and in fact home based learning, zoom classes, virtual events and so on have become a part of our daily life. Children have to do home based learning and the screen time has increased. Screen Time may be educational, interactive, entertaining and recreational but still, there should be some limitations to prevent the over-use of screen dependency that can almost lead to addiction.

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Screen Time Management Tips – Tried And Tested By A Mom

  • As parents, we should limit ourselves from unnecessary screen time and be an example for children to follow us.
  • Engage them in physical activities as much as possible after school hours to maintain healthy body. Physically fit and energetic kids show improved growth and development of body. Physical exercise keeps children active.
  • Make it a habit for the children to play indoor games, solve puzzles, read books, to indulge in art and craft activities. This lets the kids to be more creative and they don’t get deviated to gadgets or screens.
  • Maintain healthy, fresh, nutritious diet and give sufficient amount of water rather than giving processed, frozen, junk food to children. A healthy body is healthy mind!
  • Reward children with small perks or gifts for being away from screens. Perks may be giving them additional pocket money, cooking their favorite meal, gifting them something useful and so on.
  • Maintain off screen and WiFi free zones at home during dinner and family time.
  • Maintain or follow a schedule or time table to plan each day. It’s very traditional approach but it works trust me!!!!
  • Use parental controls or apps to make sure that children are not exposed to abuse, violent, adult contents during screen time.
  • Take other precautions during screen time and Home Based Learning like maintaining good posture with the help of ergonomic chairs, usage of anti-glare glasses, taking a break in between classes.
  • Explain children about the adverse effects of screen addiction / dependence and complications. As we all know there are several risks of excessive screen time like Attention deficit disorders, Sore/ dry eyes, Anxiety/ stress, minimal social interaction, sleeplessness, Physically inactivity, obesity, developmental delays.

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Contributed by Lavanya – One of our prominent Mom readers and a mom of 2. We love how Lavanya has clear views when it comes to screen time of kids.

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      1. I’m also doing the samething in covid situation, I observed so much difference in my son…Congratulations Lavanya….plz keep going on ur valuable suggestions to everyone……

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