Join Diwali Dhamaka by Sony TV and Win Big!

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Deepavali AKA Diwali is almost round the corner! Though this year has been tough for all of us, it’s much needed that we all celebrate Diwali and spread the light of positivity. 

7 Days, 7 Questions and 7 Prizes is an awesome contest by the popular TV channel Sony Entertainment Television Asia Pacific and RainbowDiaries is so glad to be the Social Media Partner of this event.

Sony Entertainment Television Asia Pacific has brought Diwali Dhamaka for all of us where the winners stand a chance to win lavish prizes from Royal Taj, Prakalyam Art Gallery, Joyalukas, Makeover from Nisha Creation , Dining experience at Plume with a flyer ride, voucher from All India Supermart and a gift from Lakshmi Kuber.

Sounds very festive and tempting? Then all you have to do is click here and participate. 

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Click to Participate

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The question will be up everyday and the winner will be announced on the next day before the new question goes live. Simple to participate and lots of opportunities to win!

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Celebrate Diwali Dhamaka Week with Sony, WIN awesome prizes everyday from 4th November -10th November 2020. Participate now!
(Applicable to residents of Singapore Only )

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