We Finally Found Our Dream Chairs For Working From Home and For Online Studies

This year brought Covid-19 and Covid-19 pushed us to test our limits of agility and adaptability. Who had thought in 2019 that we will have to Work From Home almost the entire year and kids will have to attend schools online?

Many of us have been working from home since a few months and to be honest, it can get quite hectic and strenuous. Spending hours glued to the computer is anyways not easy even when you go to office. Who else is experiencing neck pain, back pain, bloated stomach, pelvic pain, bad posture? Well, I have definitely suffered from all this and more. In fact, all these reasons made me finally find our dream work chair from ErgoTune.


We recently shifted to our new home and to be honest, didn’t get time to do proper shopping of furniture etc. When Covid-19 struck Singapore, obviously everything was closed and we did some very quick makeshift kind of shopping of study table and chairs. They failed to help us in any which way when it came to spending hours seated at it. We had no choice but keep using these substandard chairs and were literally waiting for Singapore to reopen in phases. Finally finally we got to know about ErgoTune and decided to pre-order them. What a good decision because these chairs put an end to our work-from-home chair woes!

In fact, kids are loving these chairs as well because now a days even they have to sit in front of screens for long time for online lessons and tuition, enrichment classes.

Why ErgoTune Supreme works for us?

Reason Number 1: It’s ergonomic! When I mention about the neck pain, back pain, pelvic pain and overall strain that working for hours on screens put on our bodies, we definitely needed a decisive solution for improving our postures and get rid of these aches. ErgoTune did the trick my experience says.


Reason Number 2: It’s great looking. There are often chairs in the market that might be ergonomic but they look very bulky and occupy too much place in the room. We strictly didn’t want that to happen. So happy that ErgoTune looks sleek, stylish and fits well in our home decor.

Reason Number 3: It presents a complete solution with six points of
adjustment. Adjustable backrest, adjustable headrest, reclining capability and perfect armrest and more.

It’s extremely adaptable, with 11 points of adjustments. Remember, ergonomic comfort comes naturally when your chair is tailored to your body’s shape. The ErgoTune’s adjustability makes sure of this, so every body type can enjoy that perfect ergonomic fit.

Reason Number 4: Value for Money – My hubby doesn’t mind spending if it’s really going to be the value addition to our lifestyle. We view ErgoTune is a long term ergonomic solution for our posture, for our health and from that perspective, it is a complete value for money.

Reason Number 5: It’s not just for working from home – With kids at home, we can’t use chairs just for office work. They will sit, they will rotate and recline the chairs, they will also use it for their online lessons. We have to accommodate our kids requirements on priority. ErgoTune has proved to be a chair like no other! Kids are using it, loving it.

Reason Number 6: Superior materials – we have had some chairs before that look great but the quality of materials is quite flimsy. ErgoTune is truly world-class with its made-in-South Korea Class IV hydraulics system, a durable yet breathable hybrid mesh upholstery and a lumbar support which automatically calibrates itself whenever you move. Each part meets the specifications of international awarding bodies right down to the castors.

ErgoTune Supreme is Truly Ergonomic

When we work from home, it’s not just a mechanical job of using screens but there’s lots of mental work that keeps happening at the same time. Body+Mind have to work in tandem else IT professionals like us can’t deliver the results.

What my husband and me liked about ErgoTune is the complete flexibility it provides. Literally every part of these chairs is adjustable right from the headrest to armrest to seat to backrest!


Lemme share with you some technical specifications.

  • ErgoTune is fully adjustable across six points of adjustment
  • Backrest is height-adjustable. It lets any person of any height
    adjust it so that their lower back is fully supported. We love this feature absolutely. It has ATLAS™ (Auto-Tuning Lumbar Area Support) that fully supports your back fully no matter how far back you recline because it
    moves in sync with you.
  • TriTune™ headrest that is adjustable across 3 dimensions – height, depth, and a 60° tilt angle. Cool indeed.
  • TrueTilt™ precision recline controls that let you adjust angle of
    recline across 136° and recline tension which is resistance you feel when
    leaning back across 4 levels. When we are tired of sitting upright for long time, this recline feature is such a bliss providing instant relaxation.
  • GyroBrace™ 5D armrest is freely rotatable and height-adjustable
    armrest, allowing you to shift it to the perfect position no matter
    what activity you’re performing.
  • Seat depth can be adjusted to ensure that users always sit straight
    and plant their feet firmly on the ground.
  • Seat height can be adjusted – the gas lifts used are Class IV certified and can support up to 250kg
  • DuraWeave™ hybrid-mesh upholstery is traditionally weaved in
    Germany and made from a 2:1 blend of fabric and polyester. It’s
    strong, incredibly breathable, and comfortable.

For us, ErgoTune Supreme has proven to be like a dream come true when it comes to office chairs. Even my daughter and son are using these chairs for their study time especially on weekends.


Tired of back pain, neck pain, eye strain, stiff shoulder – all caused by bad posture while working in office or working from home – You need ErgoTune definitely just like us.


More Information and Special Promo

For the ErgoTune Supreme, there’s a launch promo price of $599 (Original price: $850) between 1st Oct to 31st Oct.

If you purchase within this period you stand a chance to win a 100% cashback too!

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