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In 2020, Covid-19 has completely changed our lives. The adjustments and sacrifices we all have done to adapt to a new normal are huge. As women, we have worked at home, worked for home and worked from home like never before. No time to cut hair, no time to pamper ourselves – we really really needed a makeover and some me-time. So when Singapore started opening up in phases, the first thing we did was to book an appointment with Venetian Hair and Makeup Salon – One of the Top Hair Salons in Little India and one of the only few salons in Singapore that offer the award-winning Brazilian Blowout treatment!

Read on to find out how me along with Kavita and Saraswathi – my friends and co-admins of our Social Channels – had an amazing makeover. How was our experience – Perfect!

Hair Story:

Kavita has long, beautiful tresses. But her issue was graying, uneven length and hair loss.


My hair has always been rough, stubborn. I had highlights done and that made them even more like a grass. Also, graying is another hereditary issue that my hair has faced since I was 20 years old.


In short, lots of hair trouble and that’s why we had a detailed discussion with Andric and Sam of Venetian Hair and Makeup Salon.

Let me tell you ladies that these 2 gentlemen are friendly and will always answer your queries at length tirelessly. They also suggest excellent solutions after analyzing your hair type and your overall look. This makes things very straightforward you see!

For us, looking at the hair condition, they suggested that Keratherapy Keratin (a.k.a Keratherapy Pure Renewal Plus+ Keratin Treatment) and Brazilian Blowout are our options.

What’s the Difference Between Brazilian Blowouts and Keratherapy Keratin Treatments?

Brazilian blowouts and Keratherapy Keratin treatments essentially have the same effect on hair: both eliminate frizz and boost shine. They’re safe for all hair types and can be done on color-treated hair. However, Brazilian blowouts are more customizable.

Brazilian blowout can be adjusted for different hair textures. The stylist can flat iron the hair at different temperatures and achieve different looks. What this means is that if you don’t want your hair completely straight, your stylist can tailor the treatment so that your natural hair texture isn’t completely lost. You’ll still have smooth, voluminous waves when they’re all done.


The other way the treatments vary is in their downtime. Following a Keratherapy keratin treatment, it’s recommended that you don’t tie your hair up and you can’t wash it for one or two days. As for a Brazilian blowout, you can go about your regular styling routine.

Keratherapy Keratin Treatment for Kavita

Kavita wanted straight hair that are untangled and easy to manage. She decided to opt for Keratherapy Keratin treatment.

Keratherapy Keratin treatment is an elaborate process and depending on your hair length and density, it will take at least 2-3 hours.


See how amazingly Keratherapy Keratin treatment has worked for Kavita. Pictures speak louder than words!


and that big happy smile…


Brazilian Blowout for me

I wanted a natural look where hair still maintain their wave. At the same the texture should remain soft and flowy. Brazilian Blowout was my choice.

Take a look at a few pics of the whole treatment process. It’s an elaborate treatment and you will need to spend a few hours.


Brazilian blowout uses serums that might be a bit irritating to people with sensitive eyes that’s why I wore this protective glasses. They caused NO harm to my sensitive scalp though which is great.


and here comes the completed look – hair color + Brazilian blowout + Reverse Graduation hair cut. That moment when you say aha! looking at your own selfie…


Final Result

Tada! We really really loved the result. All expectations met! Am deliberately writing this review after 2-3 weeks because as you know we have always believed in honest reviews that we ourselves try and then only suggest to our readers. Kavita’s hair have become more beautiful, softer and most importantly, hair loss is reduced to a great extent.

For me, my stubborn hair has started behaving well and they flow nicely now giving me a neater appearance. When my in-house critics – my hubby and daughter commented that wow Amma, we can now touch your hair without getting poked, I knew that treatment has worked!


Saraswathi’s Makeover – and your jaw will drop!


Saraswathi has beautiful hair but she needed root touchup and trim. Also, most of the times, she prefers to not do or minimal makeup. She was keen to try out Venetian Hair and Makeup Salon’s Makeup services that make special occasions even more special.


When she showed us her pics later, we couldn’t believe it was her! Though she looks great as is, this makeover transformed her look completely. Kavita and me can’t wait to try their makeup services.


Why will we recommend Venetian Hair and Makeup Salon for you all too?

  • Top 3 Salons in Little India
  • Great ambiance
  • SG Clean compliant with all the safety measures in place for Covid-19
  • Run by Hair experts Andric and Sam who are veterans in this field
  • Friendly hair consultants who are willing to resolve all your queries
  • Creative customization for customers. It’s NOT one-treatment-fits-all kind of attitude.
  • Value for money treatments
  • Latest Hair styles, cuts and treatments available for all your hair issues
  • Experts in Makeup and Makeover
  • Hair and Makeup services available for events, weddings and other special occasions
  • Convenient location in the heart of Little India

More Information:

Venetian Hair & Makeup Salon
Address: 11 Sam Leong Rd, #01-03 TRIO Singapore, Singapore 207903
Please SMS/WhatsApp/Call +65 8612 1585 for appointment.

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