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With the promise of timely delivered and beautifully crafted bouquets for every customer, Fav Florist wants to make each flower gifting experience a heartwarming one. Located in a quiet corner of Sin Ming Road, they are, no pun intended, our fav flower shop. Offering affordable bouquet options and floral gifts, Fav Florist creates quality blooms with a focus on minimalist yet elegant aesthetics. Using only the freshest and highest quality flowers that meet customer’s demands, Fav Florist wants to remove product misrepresentation as a whole and guarantee customers will only receive the best. 

Flowers For All Occasions

With most occasions, flowers are regarded as a lovely gift to receive. Whether it be a wedding, engagement, mother’s day, christmas or funerals, flowers allow people to send heartfelt messages of love. The range available at Fav Florist makes it easy for customers to find the perfect bouquet suited for all the different types of occasions.

They have a variety of styles and designs that are catered for different occasions. If you’re looking for a specific type of bouquet for that special occasion, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Fav Florist. 

Premium and Ethically Sourced Flowers

Organically grown and pesticide-free, the flowers used are of the freshest and best quality to create the bespoke floral arrangements that are reflected on their pictures. All their flowers are regularly air-flown​ and hand-picked carefully for the freshest and finest quality. They condition and cure the flowers to ensure the beauty of the lush and plump bouquets lasts for as long as possible. The attention to detail is what makes Fav Florist stand out. With the understanding that fresh flowers do not have a long lifespan, they go the extra mile in making sure the flowers are nurtured and carefully handpicked so that customers can enjoy their floral gifts for a much longer period. 


Besides ensuring the best quality and freshest cuts of flowers, Fav Florist also takes a lot of pride in their presentation of the bouquets. Intricately designed and handmade with love, a personal touch is always involved in the creation of each bouquet. The highly dedicated florists with more than a decades’ worth of experience meticulously design the aesthetics and presentation, making each bouquet effortlessly lush and plump. The overall presentation gives the flowers a fresh, minimalist and elegant feel, beautifully wrapped in luxury paper and ribbon that adds to the aesthetics of the bouquet. With a beautiful mixed​ arrangement of seasonal flowers, they make every effort to ensure their creations reflect the work of consistency, accuracy and beauty.

Affordable Prices

Fav Florist manages to keep their prices affordable all while ensuring quality and premium bouquets. With the cheapest bouquet priced at $24.90, you can get a lush and beautiful bouquet without worrying about the price. Fav Florists want to spread the love through the act of flower giving so they do their best to keep their prices affordable while maintaining the standard of the bouquets and product quality.

Surprise Weekly Bloom

If you find it hard to make decisions because there’s just too many pretty bouquets to choose from, Fav Florist offers a ‘Surprise Weekly Bloom’ option that is affordable and made according to your requests. They florists take into account the occasion you’re celebrating to give you the perfect bouquet. Just let them know the size, occasion it’s for and message to be included and their dedicated florists will get to work. Flower options for you to choose from include: red/pink roses, carnations, gerberas and lilies. If the surprise element is something you’d fancy, this would be a good fit for you and we promise it won’t disappoint. Depending on the size that you choose, these are what is included in the surprise weekly blooms:

** Small Surprise Bouquet: 1 stalk of main flower filled with filler flowers and greens
** Medium Surprise Bouquet: 3 stalks of main flower filled with filler flowers and greens
** Large Surprise Bouquets 5-6 stalks of main flower filled with filler flowers and greens

Flower Domes

Love flowers but want something that lasts and can keep around for a longer time? Fav Florist recently launched their preserved flower domes range. A special preservation technique allows these blooms to maintain their freshness, suppleness, and shape in the dome that makes for classic gifts that brightens anyone’s space and adds a little something extra. They make for great gifts because of the lack of maintenance required and last for years. Fav Florist’s preserved flower domes pose a rustic and timeless look. With different themes available such as ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Mystic Blue,’ each dome boasts a different aesthetic. Offering many colors and types of flowers, there’s definitely something for everyone. The LED lights in the dome accentuates the colors and features of the preserved flowers, making it look elegant and grand. They also ensure it is a toxic-free and non-corrosive preservation, making it eco-friendly. These domes are classy and might be a good alternative if you’re looking for something different.

Excellent Customer Service

The friendly staff at Fav Florist also do their utmost best to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process when deciding and purchasing of your flowers. Their attention to detail and quick response time is definitely something worth mentioning. Based on customer reviews and our personal experience, Fav Florist offers great assistance where needed and manages to establish a relationship of trust with their customer base. If a bouquet is not up to your expectations, they will ensure that they rectify the situation quickly and provide the refunds or send you a new bouquet (but this almost always never happens so don’t fret). The team makes sure all queries are met and try their best to accommodate the customer’s requests. If you have a bouquet in mind that you come across or even just want customised, they will even go out their way to meet your needs and replicate the arrangement of your desired bouquet. Just drop them an email or a whatsapp and they’ll get back to you. 

Hassle Free Delivery Services

Fav Florist provides free delivery for any floral bouquets. Due to the nature of the delicate flowers and packaging, they ensure that each bouquet that is sent out will be delivered to the recipient safely. They offer various time slots for regular, free delivery that customers can choose from (12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm and 6pm – 9pm). An express delivery option where you will receive your flowers within an hour is also available for those who want their purchase quickly delivered. If you’d rather self-collect your purchases, you can also head down in-store to collect it.

Prices and Payment

For convenience, payment can be made through both credit card and Paypal modes for online purchases. (Visa and Mastercard) You will receive an email order confirmation from us as soon as you place your order. For other modes of payment such as Paynow/Paylah, customers can contact them separately by dropping an email or whatsapping them. 

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