Switch On The Mood with Moodo: Our Smartest Fragrance Mixer

We love fragrances! Especially when we are back home after work, we use aroma diffusers to quickly perk us up. Imagine having a home that is fragrant like a big shopping mall / 5-star hotel room? If you can imagine, then you must read about Moodo – our smartest fragrance mixer.

We bought Moodo recently and this innovative gadget is making our home smell so good.

What’s Moodo?

Moodo is the smartest Fragrance Mixer with wi-fi connectivity, app and many other smart features. All you have to do is to start mixing and matching scents that will make your life more interesting.

Moodo comes with a variety of scent capsules.

How Moodo works?

I will say that Moodo is the coolest version of an aroma diffuser. The USP is that it allows you to create and customize your fragrance mix that suits your needs, schedule, lifestyle and mood.

Moodo device can load up to 4 fragrance capsules simultaneously! These scent capsules are grouped into different scent families. Created by expert perfumers and are produced exclusively in Grasse, France, Moodo capsules come in families of Ashram Spa Scent Family, Beach Party Scent Family Pack, Mediterranean Dreams Scent Family Pack and so on.

Watch this video to know more about the operation of Moodo

You need to know this:

When it comes to fragrances, it’s better that we know more about them. Moodo scent capsules contain scents that are:

  • Safe & certified scents/fragrances for pregnant women, children and domestic pets.
  • Scents/fragrances are alcohol-free and comply with both EU & US Fragrance and Cosmetics Regulations.
  • No wax, no oil, no residues, no gas, no flames = no mess!
  • The scent capsules last for approximately 60 hours of continual use or at full fan speed. To be honest, I think they can last much longer because withing a few minutes the room starts getting fragrant and the fragrant is quite long lasting.

Moodo looks very sleek and is very straightforward to operate. The app makes it even more convenient. Mixing and creating your own fragrances is on your fingertips with Moodo.

Our verdict? Moodo is definitely a very cool gadget that adds fragrance to your home!

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