Tomato Glasses for My Kids

Well, I have written many a times about the M that’s stuck with me since childhood – Myopia what else?! Big thick glasses and weird looking Spectacle Frames was a harsh reality of my childhood. Finally I got my Lasik done and freed myself to an extent from the crutches of Myopia. Now my kids also have Myopia. Sigh, and the cycle continues…

Ortho-K, Kids’ lens are a few options that I have tried for my girl and they work well but still we always keep our specs handy because nothing is more reliable than a good spectacle. Agree?

Thanks to technology and fashion by innovative ventures like Tomato Glasses Spectacle Frames, my kids can still look smart and stylish with their glasses on. Read on and Don’t forget to join the giveaway at the end of this post.


I wanted to get a new specs for Shrihaan and was searching for a few options – especially frame – we wanted a frame that looks beautiful and most importantly fits well and doesn’t hurt. Kids skin is so sensitive and I absolutely hate to see redness and scars of wearing specs that kids get after prolonged wearing of specs.

How it works?

Just shop for your favorite from these optical shops! Alternatively, get your favorite Tomato Glasses Spectacle frame from their website and visit these optical shops for getting it fit for your kids.

Why I chose Tomato Glasses?

Designed & Manufactured in South Korea by a father for his son who needed glasses, are comfortable, colourful and practical frames expertly constructed for babies and children in mind!


Offering features such as adjustable cable temples for different lengths and adjustable bridge heights to fit any nose, better vision for your child starts today with these multi-award winning frames. Here are my main reasons for opting for Tomato Glasses.

Firm and Non-toxic

The glass frames are made using non-toxic materials that are approved by the FDA. The frames are very flexible, display excellent elasticity and do not break easily. With naughty kids on hand this feature is such a must!


Well-Fitting Frames

Can you guess the weight of Tomato Glasses frames? only 6 to 9 grams!!! There is a cushion on the tip of the frames that matches the complex curves of the ears and will not create pressure points.



Shrihaan’s nose is yet to be fully developed to have a nice shape and that causes his specs to slip down again and again. With Tomato Glasses, the bridge of the glasses matches the curve of the nose and therefore holds the glasses comfortably in place.

Adjustable Temple Lengths and Adjustable Nose Pad Heights

I loved these features because they make Tomato Glasses so flexible. It is easy and simple to adjust the length of the temples. To shorten them, remove the ear tip and cut off the excess length. Replace ear tips and secure these in position using the screws. To lengthen the temples, pull the ear tips back and secure in place with the screws.


The nose pads can be attached to three points of the frame and five points on the baby range frames. As every child’s face is unique, this feature allows the correct placement and height to be achieved for each child.

Available for Babies, Kids and Teens/Adults

There are lots of frames by Tomato Glasses for babies, kids and adults. All look very colorful, aesthetically classy and should suit all types of faces. Unfortunately, even babies and very young kids get eye issues and these frames will be saviours for such cases.

Head Strap

Kids who wear specs are often stopped from jumping and running because the specs can fall and break. What I liked about Tomato Glasses is the head strap that provides security when running and jumping. Active kids and kids with sensitive ears will be greatly benefited with this feature.

Check out more about Tomato Glasses here:

Address: 61 Jalan Asas Singapore 678818
Phone: +65 6514 0730 (Singapore/Malaysia)

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7 thoughts on “Tomato Glasses for My Kids”

  1. Agree the main concern in case of kids is glass can fall and break or even leave scar. Really like that Tomato glass frames are solving all issues and perfect option

  2. When I got my first frames, I broke them in like 5 days and even got rashes on my nose bridge… These glasses are really cool and a game changer!

  3. When it comes to glasses for the kids, one has to be really careful and ensure the product is the best and safe. The Tomato glasses seem to be of good quality and also made of non-toxic material which is definitely good.

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