Better Internet Is Just One Click Away

Whenever my kids are having their screen time, I often wonder what exactly are they up to? Will they end up chatting online with strangers or are they getting cyber bullied by their peers…Are they indulging in likes and comments without any care…What if they reveal personal details like home address, birth cert number on the internet?

With online scams so rampant and cyber bullying messing up young lives, I think as a parent, we all must be sailing in the same boat when it comes to usage of Internet. Internet can be the ocean of knowledge and at the same time, if wrongly used, it can create havoc. Not only kids but even adults can fall prey to it.

Now that we all are in a #circuitbreakersg period and when parents are working from home while kids are doing Home Based Learning, the situation has become somewhat maddening. We all have to use lots of telecommuting apps and as you know some of these apps have exposed us to a few vulnerabilities already.

I believe it’s totally in our hands to be safer, smarter and kinder while on Internet as a better internet is just #1ClickAway!

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Here are some pointers for a better internet that my hubby and I have personally tried and implemented at our home :

✅ Verify the news before sharing. We have to be responsible netizens and should not spread hoax.

✅Verify the email address / website URL before clicking on it or before responding. It could be a malicious site luring you into an online scam.

✅Ensure Parental controls are ON for the gadgets that kids use.

✅Limit the Social Media usage for kids. In fact, it’s a must to follow an age limit before the kid creates his/her first social media account.

✅Educate kids to be kinder when it comes to other’s Social Media. Judging people’s feed and commenting viciously, irresponsibly should be a Strict No-No.

✅Monitor kids’ screen time and ensure it is used positively. Observe for any behavioural changes.

✅Work with their teachers in case necessary.

✅Most importantly, as a Parent, be safe, be smart and be kind yourself when it comes to your own use of Internet.

You’re #1ClickAway from a better internet…Don’t you think so? Do you have any tips and tricks or experiences to share when it comes to Internet… Do share in comments. For more resources, head to Media Literacy Council’s website.

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7 thoughts on “Better Internet Is Just One Click Away”

  1. Your valuable tips will definitely help all parents out there.
    It’s always good to check the things on internet and limit for the kids.

  2. The internet has spawned an entire new world out there. As parents we need to inculcate the values, etchics, as well as safety precautions of this new world in our children early on.

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