Every Day is Women’s Day #EachForEqual

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and every year 8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day. I would truly like to believe that each day is and should be Women’s Day!

I’m not a feminist neither I am a follower of “Burn the Bra” movement. I believe that Men and Women both have their unique special characteristics. We all deserve equal love and respect. That’s why I loved the theme of this year’s Women’s Day #EachForEqual.

This year, we did a photoshoot for International Women’s Day and I am so humbled to be a part #eachforequal campaign by Muse and Motif for #iwd2020 alongside some super #inspirational ladies of Singapore.

I ensured that my son is a part of this shoot too. He is quite young to understand what is Gender Equality is but as parents we keep on stressing upon the fact that his sister and he both are EQUAL for us. They both will get same amount of love and will be treated equally at home.

Women’s Day is a REMINDER that we all deserve a #GenderEqual world where there is EQUAL education, equal boardrooms, equal remuneration and EQUAL opportunities for ALL ♀️♂️

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4 thoughts on “Every Day is Women’s Day #EachForEqual”

  1. I always wanted this. Boys and girls should be treated equally. Why only me to prepare the evening tea when both of us take the same loads at the work place? No, I am also not a feminist, but I think this should be done.

  2. I agree we need to give equal opportunities to both the gender. Its time we think of raising good children and good environment for them to live in.

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