Bloom Studio Preserved Flower Domes: For Valentine’s and beyond

Whenever there is a special occasion, generally flowers are the best and beautiful gifts that one can think of. The only flip side is that flowers wither soon. We have recently shifted to a new home and I’m looking for all things that will add splendor to our humble home decor. Also, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I chanced upon Bloom Studio website and quickly got this dainty preserved flower dome – Jocelyn for our home and my valentines!

After the order, the delivery came on the same day and I love their prompt service and how nicely it was packaged.


What is Preserved Flower Dome?

Much long lasting and not to be confused with dried flowers, preserved flowers are 100% real flowers that last up to 3 years (when cared for properly). They do not wilt, but deteriorate over time. Preserved Flower Dome is a very pretty piece of home decor and an excellent gift option.


Jocelyn looks so beautiful…


Bloom Studio has done a real good job when it comes to Preserved Flower Domes. No wonder they are best-sellers! Very delicate, very intricate and the whole dome along with the preserved flowers look very classy.

How to care for your Preserved Flower Dome?

  • Keep them indoors
  • Elements like humidity, wind and dust may affect the life span of these preserved flowers.
  • Keep the flowers in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid placing them by the kitchen or near the window, sunlight and water accelerate their degradation as well.
  • Avoid crushing, pressing or folding of petals
  • They are different from petals of a dried flower. Petals of preserved flowers are similar to those of real flowers, veined and smooth to the touch.
  • If dusty, use a dry cool air stream on your hair dryer from a distance

There are great promos currently ongoing on Bloom Studio site and you must grab this opportunity to shop for flowers, flower domes and more. They offer same day delivery for all purchases and that makes it so convenient for last-minute people like me.


More Info:

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