Moving Home 1: Whys and Hows?

We have been in Singapore for last 12-13 years and that gives me considerable knowledge to share my family’s experience as far as Home and Living in Singapore is concerned. Bringing you the series of our recent Home Move and some candid sharing about the same.

First Home is like First Love


When we were new in SG, just like most newbies, we stayed in a rental HDB apartment for some time – affordable and full of community feeling – HDB made us feel at home in Singapore. So when we decided to buy our own home, without blinking an eyelid, we settled for another HDB. Frankly speaking, my hubby and me have always followed our mind and when many in our close circle was opting for a condo, we didn’t really go for it that time. Why? Lemme share with you 3 core reasons:

  • MRT at the doorstep and all other essentials in 2 mins vicinity – I had only 1 kid that time and I needed convenience above everything else. Doctor, Daycare, Mall in max 2 mins is such a luxury!
  • Suitability to your budget – As a young family with 1 small kid, obviously who will risk putting all eggs in one basket and buy home that’s just too costly? Not we at least. HDBs were and still are the best choice when you want to save up your precious $$$s.
  • Beautiful newer blocks and spacious corner flat – Now, when the HDB is just 8-10 years old and offers you bright and spacious interiors, clean surroundings – Just go for it and we did exactly the same. Firt look and we lapped it up.

After spending 10 good years and adding 1 more kid to our home, we started toying with the idea of Moving Home. To be honest, there was not enough push in our heads and minds because of the 3 core reasons mentioned above, our home was still the best for us. We sat on the idea of changing home for say around 1.5-2 years. A casual meeting with our agent who helped us to get our first home set the ball rolling and we decided that okay, let’s at least view a few options and see whether anything impresses us.

Second Home – HDB maisonette, Jumbo Flat or Condominium

Seriously speaking, all these options can quite comparable in my opinion. In fact, when it comes to size and cost, HDB maisonette and Jumbo Flat win hands down. When it comes to amenities and ambiance, a Condominium has an edge over other options. Again, convenience to commute, kids schools and availablity of other essentials nearby was still my priority.

We took our time and brainstormed and finally after much deliberation, we zeroed on this condo as our New Home. Yay!


Things to keep in mind while deciding on your Second Home:

  • It’s absolutely NOT necessary to follow others. Take a plunge only when you are ready. I will thank my hubby wholeheartedly for this most valuable lesson.
  • Focus on your requirements, list them down if needed and make a checklist. Example: kids school, medical facilities, ambiance, amenities, overall convenience, transport options and so on.
  • Listen to your wallet – so important! Budgeting is utmost important. Don’t forget to set budget for home renovation too unless the new home is completely in move-in condition.
  • Ask every single doubt to your agent and get everything clarified – we have to go in details. Again, personally, I bettered myself and learnt a lot in this department thanks to hubby.
  • Timeline and Phases – you must chalk out rough timeline so that you know what’s going to happen when. It’s like a Project and we must treat it like a project.
  • Selling off first home / renting it out – depending on your residential status, you have a few options and you have to coordinate this before taking possession of the New Home

A good real estate agent is such a MUST! Else things can really go topsy turvy. Glad that we have this veteran who helped us immensely. If you are looking for any estate agent, let me know and I will be more than happy to pass this guy’s contact to you.

What you read in this post interests you? Then please look forward to more of this series.

  • Our packing woes and how we tried our best to efficiently clean up and pack only what we need for the new home.
  • My tips on How to choose the Interior Designer and why we chose V Creative ID?
  • Scandi or Industrial or Vintage or something else, which theme we chose and why? I will also share about these cool chairs that I got from Mokko Mokko
  • Safety First when it comes Electronics and Electrical gadgets at the home and why I think that our KDK fans are the best ceiling fans.
  • Home decor from Naiise, Chisel and Log, Bloom Studio, Organic Aromas and StickerKid enhance some nooks and corners of our new home
  • Some cool gadgets like Ecovacs Deebot and Popsical Remix Karaoke and how they add so much fun to our New Home

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  5. These things are something my dad kept in mind when we moved into our new house 2 years back ! We needed all the aminities to keep us busy and have a healthy environment for all of us great blog

  6. This is definitely going to be very helpful for someone who’s planning to shift to SG or someone who needs more insight about the requisites of shifting!

  7. Agree that buying new home brings lots of responsibility. That’s helpful approach towards living in Singapore. HDB maisonette and Jumbo Flat definitely a good choice

  8. I liked your insights when it comes to owing a property, or shifting to a new home. Indeed, you need to list down your priorities, rather than following what people do.

  9. Moving home is always a challenge. It is so physically and emotionally exhausting and leaves you drained. Selecting a home is always a personal choice and depends on your own inclinations as you have rightly pointed out.

  10. You have shared some very valuable tips here. A lot of us go overboard with our budget just to match up with our friends or colleagues. You are right. We should spend on property keeping in mind our spending power.

  11. This is so very insigntful for families migrating to Singapore. I am sharing this with my friend who is moving there soon. Finding a good place to stay in a new country is a big challenge, thanks for sharing

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