Lego Mosaic Art Creator

How I got Legofied!

Lego has always been on the TOP when it comes to my kids’ favorite play options. One Lego set and hours are spent by them to come up with their beautiful Lego creations. The awesome fact is how they reconstruct their Lego sets and creatively create their own versions. We were really happy when we got this Exclusive Invite that legofied me! Looked so special…


When my kids saw this invite, they were quite clear that they must attend the launch event and since the school holidays were on, I asked them to “cover” this event for RainbowDiaries.

My Kid Influencers were super duper excited for 2 reasons:

  • Their favourite-most Lego’s new creation was getting launched and they were among the FIRST FEW to try out.
  • They got an opportunity to “LEGOFY” their mom with Singapore’s First Ever LEGO Mosaic Art Creator that is Now available at Bricks World.

Like I have always mentioned that as the ardent fans of Lego, we keenly explore every new set of theirs and it’s an amazing thing as a parent to see how kids build and rebuild their Lego sets.

Now, when it’s possible to build a self portrait using Lego then of course BRING IT ON!

How The Mosaic Art Creator works?

Step 1: Download The Mosaic Art Creator app from Play Store or App store and then turn your picture into custom-made mosaic kits that you can bring home and build with LEGO Bricks.

Step 2: Get that best selfie or your kids pics or your favourite stuff Legofied using the app. We are going to try it for our toys too.

Step 3: Drop by Lego Certified Bricks World Flagship store at ION Orchard and make the payment in store.

Step 4: The friendly staff members at the store will process the order and handover the items so that you can start building your collection.

Simple and straightforward! Isn’t it?

I loved the Mosaic Art Creation they did for me and it looks SO SPECIAL! I find this as an excellent gift idea for the loved ones.


More info:

Head to Bricks World

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