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Juicing our way to health with Hurom Slow Juicer

This word “Cold Pressed Juice / Slow Juice” caught my attention when I was out of for lunch with my office friends and we wanted to have juice after lunch. When one of the friends commented that how a cold press AKA slow juicer is a must in our homes, it piqued my interest. I was sitting on this idea for some time but finally after doing some research, we got home our Hurom Slow Juicer 2600 (H-AA Series) Cold Press Fruits & Vegetables Slow Juicer (Juice Extractor).


This is a popular new model of Hurom Slow Juicer that has sleeker design and comes with enhanced technological innovation.

What’s special about Hurom Slow Juicer?

First of all, Hurom is a trusted and award winning brand when it comes to Slow Juicers. Secondly, the fact that the way it extracts juices is completely different than the usual Juicers. As a slow juicer, it MINIMIZES NUTRITION LOSS and gives you premium, healthier juices to relish. Unlike other Juicers, Hurom Slow Juicer squeezes fruits and vegetables at high pressure and optimal rotational speed. It’s easy and convenient to use and clean.


As it’s equipped with Slow Squeeze Technology, Hurom slow juicers allow you to produce juices from fruits, vegetables, and even nuts, putting glasses of premium juice on your table every day.



Here are the detailed features for you all.

  • Slow rotational speed of 43 rpm
  • 500-milliliter chamber capacity
  • Double-edged, high-strength auger
  • Adjustable Control Lever to accommodate different ingredients
  • Versatile juice cap for convenience
  • Four spinning brushes
  • Two types of fine and coarse strainers
  • Low-noise, low-vibration AC motor
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Available in 5 Colours (Ferrari Red / Rose Gold / Black Gold / Grey / White)

My Verdict:

We are loving our Hurom Slow Juicer because it’s very straightforward to use and clean. We can have any types of juices any time and this ultimately saves cost in the long run. Also, since it’s made in our own kitchen, we know what type and quality of fruits go into it and so on. Definitely healthier!

My daughter loves almond milk and walnut milk. Hurom Slow Juicer can work excellently for nut milk and I am eager to explore that option soonest.

The juicer looks very stylish and adds a lot of value to your kitchen platform. Classy addition to your home decor I must say.

Overall, it’s a great buy and you should explore it.

More info:

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  1. Digdarshinee Rout

    Who doesn’t love almond milk that to prepared in finger tips? Loved the review ..such a budget friendly juicer

  2. Even my son loves almond milk and I think it would be super easy to make almond milk with this juicer take home. Thank you for such a detailed review.

  3. Wow I love almond milk too and would love to know if it worked well and the procedure to make it. Thanks.

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