My Go-To site for Indian Groceries

There is quite a big diaspora of Indians in Singapore. They bring unique tastes and twists to the Singapore food. The heart of Indian cuisine is its spices, herbs and grains. I love to cook at home even after a busy day because home food is the best and it’s my expression of love towards my loved ones. Getting good quality of Indian grocery conveniently can be a bit challenging and recently I found this cool option of Pushcart website and app that ensures I have Indian cooking essentials always in the kitchen.

To know more about Pushcart and how it makes life simpler, read on.

What’s Pushcart?

Simply putting, Pushcart is an Online shopping site specializing in Indian Groceries and this site makes it a breeze when it comes to choosing the right grains, rice, staples, vegetables, fruits, spices, ready to eat food and so on. Pushcart makes things more handy with an app available for iOS and android.

My First order:


Okay, frankly speaking, even if I am online shopping junkie, ordering Indian groceries online was the first time for me. Glad that I chose Pushcart for this.

Experience so far:

When you shop online, things have to be quite straightforward you see else the whole affair becomes troublesome and tiresome for the customer. Pushcart didn’t disappoint me. Here are some quick points why I will choose Pushcart again when it comes to shopping Indian Groceries online.

  • Website is clean. No unnecessary pop-ups and distractions. You can focus completely on shopping.
  • Clear categories to choose from.
  • Search function helps to narrow down to the exact product you are looking for.
  • Huge variety of Indian Groceries available. I managed to find my favorite brands and products on Pushcart
  • Delivery above 25$ is free
  • Order delivery is timely and the packaging is clean.
  • Payment options like credit and debit cards as well as Cash on Delivery are available.

Pushcart has impressed me and I am definitely going to use it for shopping for Indian Groceries. No long trips and no crowded areas for Indian grocery shopping any more!

More info:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Download from iOS | Download from Android

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8 thoughts on “My Go-To site for Indian Groceries”

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  2. Thats a good place to buy Indian grocery online. I will try this next time I need to order Indian grocery

  3. This is really easy to use and looks so simple and friendly. Where all will it work in Singapore. I can recommend this to a few of my close family friends there…

    Utpal Khot

  4. That seems quite a comfortable option to buy Indian groceries online. Looks like it is convenient to browse their website and you get everything there.

  5. Pushcart website and app looks like a savior. Getting Indian stuffs in Singapore is a tough task. With Pushcart website grocery shopping is made easy, hassle-free and at an affordable rate. I love the transparency part.

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