{Review} No more Aircon woes with AI enabled Ambi Climate

Raise up your hand if you are facing challenges of AC or Aircon as we call it as in Singapore. Frankly speaking, many times, I have not really felt comfortable in a room even when the aircon is on.

  • Aircon is not cold enough in hot weather or becomes too cold that we can’t bear it.
  • Aircon is not consistent and we feel suddenly hot / cold when outdoor weather changes.
  • It gives us disturbed sleep because we have to get up in the night to adjust aircon temperature especially for kids rooms.
  • Aircon remote just adjusts the temperature and nothing more than that.
  • In Singapore’s hot weather that sometimes turn double-weather or stuffy or unpredictable, aircons need to be the best friends of us. But are they?

At our home, we have started using Ambi Climate and loving the fact that there are no more aircon woes!


Read on to find out how Ambi Climate helps to auto-adjust aircon smartly and maximizes your comfort and at the same time saves upto 30% of energy consumption. Impressive isn’t it?

What is Ambi Climate?

Simply putting, Ambi Climate is the World’s First AI Enabled Smart Air Conditioner Controller that takes into consideration humidity, indoor temperature, outside weather, sunlight and time of the day and makes you feel the most comfortable in aircon by auto-adjusting it.


Watch this video to get an idea of how Ambi Climate works for the getting the most out of the aircons.

Ambi Climate Look and Feel


Ambi Climate looks tiny and smart. It can fit anywhere in your home and blends well with your home decor. That wooden panel base at the bottom of Ambi Climate makes it looks quite classy. You need to place Ambi Climate near to where you are sitting or sleeping so that it can correctly gauge the conditions and ensure correct comfort level.


Charging is simple and you can see the port behind the device. There is a USB port for debugging and a reset button.


Ambi Climate works with most of the aircon units and the list is growing with each new edition of Ambi Climate – 50 brands and 1200 types of remotes. I have tried it on our Fujitsu aircon models, remote controls and no issues! If you want to check whether your aircon is compatible for Ambi Climate, click here.


Ambi Climate App

Getting the right temperature and comfort level from our aircon is made even easier with Ambi Climate App. The app not only lets us choose from multiple smart modes to auto-adjust the aircon but also learns from our feedback whether the aircon is too hot or too cold or just right. Ambi Climate app present visualizations describing the different factors that affect aircon comfort level through detailed data analysis.



For a person like me who keeps forgetting where aircon remote is or keeps misplacing it, adjusting aircon temperature through an app is a boon. All I have to do is indicate whether it’s hot / cold / okay and then Ambi Climate’s AI will start learning how these factors impact me. Based on that, Ambi Climate will auto-adjust aircon. In this process, it ensures that there is no over-heating or over-cooling, over-humidity of indoor air and aircons and we feel comfortable. When the aircons work their best, the energy savings automatically kick in – upto 30% which is not at all bad! Moreover, the app allows multiple users and hubby n kids also can adjust aircons from their smartphones.

As a user, I have a choice to work with these modes:

  1. Comfort Mode – tap the button to give feedback and let the app know how you feel comfortable or not.
  2. Temperature Mode – allows you to select a set target temperature then Ambi Climate selects the best settings to maintain this temperature, taking into account factors like your room environment and the performance of your AC based on climate change.
  3. Away Mode – helps you to take care of your home when you‘re not there. Adjust and choose a heating, cooling or drying threshold. Ambi Climate’s AI minimizes energy costs by switching on the AC only when it is needed to achieve the threshold.
  4. Manual Mode – lets you control your AC as you would with your remote like adjustment of fan, swing etc, only now you don‘t have to be in the same room to use your remote.
  5. OFF – Mode lets you turn off your AC. To turn AC back on, choose any other mode you want in the list.

I think I have to use it for some more time and the insights that Ambi Climate App produces will become more in-depth.



Download on iOS
Download on Android

In a gist, these are the features of Ambi Climate that impressed me:

  • It’s AI enabled! AI is a buzzword and as an IT professional, I am so keen to explore more about how AI-enabled Ambi Climate works and learns from our feedback and patterns intuitively.
  • Ambi Climate comes with an app that is super straightforward to use.
  • This gadget looks very cute. Small, steady and effective. Fits in any corner and works quietly.
  • I am exploring how Ambi Climate + Google Home can make things even more convenient for users. “Hey Google, turn on the AC in the living room” and Ambi Climate turns it on. Wow!


Ambi Climate is definitely Air Conditioning Redefined with AI Power. In this age, where we talk about Smart Homes, Ambi Climate is a cool fit for your home!

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Available to buy on Ambi Climate website, Qoo10, Challenger, iStudio and more. It ships out of Singapore too.


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  1. Wow, this technology is so cool and affordable. It helps you to save energy. I need this so that my air-con will not overheat from time to time. Thanks to Yeobuild Home Repair for repairing it. Now, I can pair it with this one. I hope that it would be fit in my house.

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