SocialMediaMomSG @ Doughworkz by PastaMania Christmas Pizza Baking Workshop

From the day when our family attended Doughworkz by PastaMania thematic workshop in May, my son wanted to go back and try out baking pizza. Yes, this month, we visited Doughworkz by PastaMania outlet at SMU with our #SocialMediaMomSG momtribe and had lots of fun baking Christmas Tree Pizza.


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Read on to find out about our Doughworkz by PastaMania Christmas Tree Pizza Baking experience that will add to your Christmasy mood!


Pastamania needs no introduction! I mean who hasn’t tasted and loved their yummy offerings? Doughworkz by PastaMania is a pasta and pizza making program especially customised for kids. Kids in the age group from 4 to 12 years old get he hands-on experience to make pasta and bake pizza. This certainly helps to nourish your kids’ mind and body while they learn the fun facts of food preparation and equipment. Doughworkz by PastaMania programs are available at PastaMania Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre and PastaMania Singapore Management University (SMU).

Our SocialMediaMomSG moms were looking for some creative event where kids and they can bond together. Doughworkz by PastaMania Christmas Tree Pizza Baking workshop was the perfect fit and we took around 10 moms and 12 kids there. Cool right?

What happens during Doughworkz by PastaMania workshop?

All we did was a book a slot and reached there. Entire preparation was kept ready spick-and-span by Doughworkz by PastaMania staff. Aprons and Chef hats, pizza toppings, nicely arranged tables and chairs – everything was so inviting. Kids washed their hands and were more than ready to start baking their pizza already!



Kudos to Doughworkz by PastaMania staff for keeping things neat, swift and smooth. It’s a huge task to keep kids engaged and focused but Rina and other staff members did it effortlessly.

Fun facts about Pizza:

The workshop starts with some fun facts about Pizza, its ingredients and takes the kids on a journey to explore more about their favorite food. Oh yes, kids who answer correctly win cute little prizes too.

Dough making time:


What’s Pizza without perfect dough? Personally, I loved the fact that kids got to make and stretch their own dough.



After making the dough, strettttccchhhh it. Thin Crust it is!



One thing is clear – if kids love the task, they can focus so well. Our #SocialMediaMomSG momtribe proudly experienced it during Doughworkz by PastaMania Christmas Tree Pizza Baking workshop.

Sauce, Toppings:

Alrite, pizza dough was ready. Next step: apply the signature sauce of Pastamania and add the toppings.



But where is Christmas Tree?

Remember I mentioned that this was the Christmas Tree Pizza Baking workshop. Where was Christmas Tree shape of the Pizza? Well, the secret is folding the dough in such a way that it looks very much like a Christmas Tree.


Here are our Christmas Trees…




and this n this…



Baking time:

After all the hardwork, these drooling tongues couldn’t wait any more…Time to bake their Christmas Tree Pizza creations now.


Drumrolls! Out of the oven, our hot Christmas Trees.



Eating time:

Yumm…we made our Pizza and ate it too. Plus we went back home with our cool Doughworkz Chef Hat, Apron and Doughworkz Sling Bag.






We moms and kiddos had a very joyous time for sure. Thanks Doughworkz by PastaMania for hosting us.

Stoked to see our pics and curious to try out other workshops at Doughworkz by PastaMania? See below. I am adding all the info you need about Doughworkz by PastaMania.

Doughworkz by PastaMania



PastaMania Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre
57 Anchorvale Road
SengKang Sports & Recreation Centre
Singapore 544964

Tel: 63124522

PastaMania SMU
70 Stamford Road,
Li Ka Shing Library Building, SMU
Singapore 178901

Tel: 63386020


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