Tanvi Herbals – Organic care for the family

As you know that at RainbowDiaries we collaborate with some of the best products from the world. We are trying out herbal products from Tanvi Herbals and here is our review.


Herbal products are taken from natural source and are safe for skin offering it many benefits. I am kind of obsessed with natural and herbal products because they are supposed to be 100% safe, of high quality and environmental friendly most importantly.

Recently when I came across Tanvi herbals products, I found that they offer solution for many health issues. They use certified organic ingredient that are considered to be far superior for the health of the entire body. Tanvi Herbals sent me a few products that include Cucumber Joy Lotion,  Keshbala oil, Ubtan lotion, Ketaki oil, Jaswand joy powder and Dhavaldanti, Sweetslimm and Tanvishataa.

Key points of Tanvi Herbals:

  • Tanvi herbal products are made with herbal extracts
  • Instant results without any side effects.
  • They are FDA approved.

Cucumber Joy lotion


As we know that cucumber can rejuvenate the skin and contains nutrients like magnesium,  potassium, Vitamin C. It helps in soothing skin, irritation, sunburn. 

During winters my skin becomes very dry. I use this lotion everyday and keeps my skin moisturized.  After applying the lotion it just seeps into my skin. No residue, greasy or sticky feeling! It works quite well I must say.

Keshbala oil 

A good hair oil not just promotes lush hair growth but also revitalizes the scalp, nourishes the hair roots leading to the growth of the hair. I have been using it as a hair moisturizer agent and so far this product is perfect for my dry hair especially during winters. 

I massage it on my scalp daily to keep my hair and scalp healthy. I definitely see positive results. It also treats paleness and greying of hair. Totally worth it!

Ubtan Joy lotion

Ubtan is something that our ancestors used on a regular basis. When I came across Tanvi Ubtan lotion, I was quite excited to try this. It has been a month and I am using it on regular basis. 


It is made traditionally with natural ingredients. Tanvi Ubtan Joy Lotion does help my skin to remain clear by removing tan, oiliness. It gives an instant fairness to my skin and it’s wonderful for exfoliating agent. 

It is suitable for all skin type and it works amazingly.

Ketaki oil 

The key benefit of this oil is to alleviate joint pain, body pain and muscle pain. As my mother is suffering from arthritis, we were a bit worried. I bought this oil for my mom.


Regular massage helps in reducing inflammation and pain of muscle joint. It helps her quite effectively and we got nice result. I totally trust this Ketaki oil .

Dhavaldanti tooth powder


A little bit of herbal tooth powder goes a long way towards a refreshing and revitalizing teeth. Tanvi Dhavaldanti powder is an alternative to the regular toothpaste surely.

Tanvi dhavaldanti is made with herbal extracts to strengthen the teeth and gums and is very mild in taste. Thumbs up from my side!

Jaswand Joy powder

We all are familiar to Jaswand flower AKA hibiscus. It helps to rejuvenate the scalp and to promote hair growth.


It penetrates in to the hair and nourishes the hair. My major problem is hairfall and has literally been a nightmare for me. Tanvi Herbals Jaswand powder is helping me to combat hair issues.

I just take one tablespoon or according to your hair length in a bowl and mix with my normal oil  and apply on my scalp and hair And keep it overnight. Next day I wash it with tanvi herbal shampoo. This is my routine for last few weeks and I am very happy.

Sweetslimm tablets

Weight gain and not able to lose it is a very common issue in today’s life and I am no exception.


I am trying sweetslimm tablets which are 100% safe and natural. I take 1 or 2 tablets in a day.  After a month I am feeling lighter, more energized. I guess we have to use this for 3 to 4 months to see the more visible change.

Tanvishattaa tablets

Tanvishattaa is a multipurpose product for maintaining active lifestyle while keeping urine stone and weakness at bay.

Late nights, junk food causes acidity. I just take 2 tanvishattaa tablets twice a day and all the acidity is gone. Overall, it’s a good product to combat common health issues.

We now keep all Tanvi Herbals products at home to safeguard family‘s health…naturally!