Which credit card to go for in Singapore?

Credit Cards – This subject is close to my heart. I have many good and a couple of terrible experiences attached to it. Credit cards if used wisely can be a boon and help us to fulfill our dreams whether it is home renovation or buying your favorite products or paying for your car expenses. One swipe and you get what you want! There are myriad of options available in the Finance Industry and there are high chances that we might get confused as to which one to choose, why to choose and which one will be the best fit to your wallet. Pun intended! For a person like me, terms like Interest rate, minimum spend required, cashback card, annual fees, card fees – all look the same. I am sure many of you can relate to me.

Recently, I found this amazing site Moneysmart that gave me some valuable insights and comparisons about credit cards. Now I find it easy to understand the nitty-gritties behind the working of credit cards and feel more equipped when it comes to choosing the Right Credit Card that works well for my family and our goals. Read on to find how Moneysmart can help you with its elaborate credit card comparisons.

1.Easy Navigation – The website is extremely easy to browse and the topics are divided neatly in the menu. I also liked the fact that this website is continuously updated thus making it relevant at every point of time.


2.All types of Credit Cards are featured – For me, this is the “Wow” factor. I was not aware of the many options available in the market.  Moneysmart does a commendable job by listing all of them.


3.Complete information in one place – The site does more than just listing various types of credit cards. It offers in-depth details about each card like eligibility, annual rates, key features, how much minimum spending to be done, how much cash back is possible, any special deals are available with the card and so on. It’s simply so convenient to find out everything about each card then and there. Also, if you like to visit the website of the bank and apply for it, there are those options too.


4.Filter feature to focus on your specific needs – If you do not want to scroll through all the cards, the filter feature works wonderfully and gives you only those choices that you should focus on. I would love to explore “Student” category of cards for my elder daughter actually.


5.Other useful features – There’s much more to Moneysmart website. There’s a blog section that has a wealth of information on credit cards, home loans, Insurance etc. This makes understanding all aspects of your financial planning straightforward. There’s also a discussion forum too where we can ask queries and get answers from fellow members and experts.

Overall, I must say that my knowledge about Credit Cards have gone really up after visiting the site.  Comparing Credit Cards and choosing the right one was never this simple!

Have you visited this one-stop website for getting the best credit cards for you?


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7 thoughts on “Which credit card to go for in Singapore?”

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  2. Would you believe we are a no credit card family ?This is very helpful to choose a good credit card though.

  3. babyandbeyondin

    There are so many features and options available, it can get confusing. Good to have this site giving complete information in one snapshot

  4. We have become so used to of swiping credit cards and doing our shopping that without it purchasing seems incomplete. I liked this website. Filter option is one of my favorite featured in any websites. It makes our search so easy.

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