Kickstart Christmas celebrations with Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc by Licha Stelaus Productions

Time literally flies and September is already almost over. We all love this last quarter of every year since exams get over, weather is beautiful and yes, Christmas is coming…There’s no better way to welcome the festive atmosphere than indulging in an unforgettable musical experience and lots of fun for the family. Yes, I am talking about Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc brought to you by Licha Stelaus Productions.

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My idea of Christmas is straight out of a Disney movie and the theme of Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc by Licha Stelaus Productions is quite apt since this year’s Christmas lights are Disney. Attending this concert is a perfect way to  kickstart the school holiday and festive season.

So just like me, if you are also looking for an unforgettable musical experience and lots of fun for the family this holiday season then you should attend this evening of delightful Disney tunes and catchy Christmas carols sung by the angelic voices of The Saint Marc Children’s Choir brought to you by Licha Stelaus Productions. Well known for singing in the Academy-award nominated movie “Les Choristes”, The Saint Marc Children’s Choir will dazzle audiences in their two-night only performance at the Victoria Concert Hall this November.

Thanks to the founder of Licha Stelaus Productions – Richard Chen of on bringing concerts acts like this to ensure the love of music does not die. As they say that Music is Life!

What’s happening in Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc by Licha Stelaus Productions?

The Saint Marc Children’s Choir (PCSM: Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc) from Lyon, France, is well known for performing and singing in the movie “Les Choristes”. Licha Stelaus Productions will be presenting PCSM on November 20 and 21 at the Victoria Concert Hall. The concerts will also feature the talented young oboist – Singapore’s very own Quek Jun Rui.

Performed by an internationally-acclaimed French choir with a repertoire varying widely from spiritual hymns to classical and contemporary music, The Saint Marc Children’s Choir is a musical delight for all families. Well known for singing in the Academy-award nominated movie “Les Choristes”, the choir from Lyon, France, has garnered an array of achievements in its Portfolio of Excellence. In addition, the choir is the Cultural Ambassador of Lyon and is also part of the French Federation of Little Singers, itself a part of the Fédération Internationale des Pueri Cantores.

Do you know?

  • Audiences young and old alike can enjoy timeless Disney classics like:
    • “When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio
    • “Colours Of The Wind” from Pocahontas
    • “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King
    • “Let It Go” from Frozen.
  • The songs will be in English and French which itself is very unique. Definitely it’s going to be mind-blowing to enjoy your favourite Disney songs in a different way. With songs sung in French, this is an excellent
    opportunity to expose your young ones to a foreign language in a fun way!
  • The choristers at The Saint Marc Children’s Choir receive different kinds of training for the repertoires they sing. Apart from singing lessons, they also study music theory, learn the piano, and a second instrument of their choice. No wonder the delivery by these artists is a world-class musical and performance standards to their audiences.
  • This concert also showcases Singapore’s musical talent – Singapore’s very own Quek Jun Rui, a 16-year-old oboist currently studying at NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, will be lending his musical talents tothe performance, with beautiful melodies that harmonise perfectly with the choristers. For the first time, six songs will be performed using an oboe, piano and choral arrangement, showcasing Jun Rui’s musical expertise. This amalgamation of talents will be the treat for music lovers.


More info and Tickets Booking details:

Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc – An Evening Of Disney Delights And Season’s Greetings

SISTIC Ticket Purchase Website

Date: 20 November 2018 (Tuesday) and 21 November 2018 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall
Ticket prices: S$98, S$88, S$68, S$58

Licha Stelaus Productions

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Saint Marc Children’s Choir


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  1. Can’t believe Christmas is coming already. The event surely sounds amazing. The joy of festival doubles up with such events.

  2. I love Disney songs! I keep singing them to myself all the time! This is such a unique idea for Christmas! How amazing it would be to hear those songs sung live by children! Thanks for sharing about this!

  3. This post took me back to my school time and Christmas time. Carols reminded me of the festival season. Sounds like an interesting event.

  4. Disney is always a hit theme.This musical is a must visit event definitely.I am booking tickets early to avoid rush .My daughter will love it.

  5. This looks like awesome event for kids and others to enjoy Christmas celebration. This reminded me of my school days where we used to sing.

  6. I love Disney and so do my kids. Such a fun-filled musical event to kickstart Christmas is something every family will enjoy.

  7. It look so interesting and fun filled. I am not good singer and never taken part in any musical class or play but the way they make you learn and sing is amazing

  8. This seems to be a fabulous event for the kids as well as the parents. Would love to witness this beaufbeau way of Christmas celebration. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information with me.

  9. I love musical performances and what can be better than Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc musical performance to start with the Christmas celebrations and rejoice fall. This part of the year is most beautiful !

  10. This sounds damn interesting, the blog serious reminded me the Christmas carols we used to sing in the school days just before Christmas, thank you for sharing

  11. This reminds me of the simple Christmas celebrations we should have in our school. The joy of being part of the choir is amazing – I was never much of a singer so I ended up tiny instruments. Those were mostly Christmasy songs – the idea of having Disney themed is definitely very nice.

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