Gaston Luga Clässy is so classy

I became a fan of Gaston Luga when I bought Gaston Luga Pråper backpack last year. Later came my Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI and made me even bigger fan…Now Gaston Luga has become an obsession with my newest swedish backpack by Gaston Luga – Clässy.

I am just loving how Gaston Luga Clässy backpack helps me me and my daughter in every way possible.


What’s Clässy?

Gaston Luga Clässy amalgamates Scandinavian minimalism with elegance. It comes with sleeker shoulder straps and I found its shape to be more feminine compared to Pråper. It is the perfect fit for necessities for work, school or leisure. You can make your backpack unique and match your personal style with a coloured leather address tag. What I liked a lot about Gaston Luga Clässy  is that passport and ticket pocket and metallic feet.

See how cool Clässy looks standing on its metallic feet…


What to expect when you get your Clässy?

  • Strong durable canvas – This is the best about Clässy. Really sturdy material that just goes on and on.
  • Magnetic strap closure – for fast packing and unpacking
  • Inner 13″ laptop compartment – I fit my laptop easily into it while my daughter uses to keep her books and sketch books.
  • 2 smaller inner pockets – Awesome use to keep laptop charger, wipes, makeup pouch. Girl keeps her pencil case, wallet, snack packs in these inner pockets.
  • Passport pocket – There’s ample place here to keep earphones, mouth freshener and MRT card.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps – Perfect for all
  • Coloured address tag (to be purchased separately)

The inner lining is made of a soft and luxurious 100% cotton fabric. Under the backpack are four metallic feet, giving the backpack the extra protection and its cooler look.


For those of you who need exact size, note the dimensions:
25 x 37 x 11 cm

Big Savings for you to purchase your own Gaston Luga Backpack

It is always free shipping (DHL Express or Fedex) + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + 15% off with my unique code rainbowdiaries on the remaining price after tax rebate.

Also, you can redeem a free GL tote bag with every purchase.


More Info about Gaston Luga Backpack:

Website | Instagram

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  1. The Gaston Luga backpack looks super cool.Loved the gold in it .I think my daughter would love it

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