Me, my mini-me and our Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack

Exactly around 1 year back, I got my Gaston Luga PRÅPER backpack and I knew that I We can’t stop at one! It’s simply so convenient and sturdy that even after me using it almost everyday for different purposes, it’s as is even if am quite a rough user. My daughter was eyeing my Gaston Luga for quite some time and finally she got her own. Or should I say I’m eyeing her Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack now?! Ha ha, it’s all in the family and we both will share our swedish Gaston Luga for sure or even consider getting one more. ♥


Introducing our new and cool Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack


Hey, are you wondering how the Black and Pink Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack turned all black in the second picture?? Then you must watch this unboxing video to know the secret…

Yes, Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack comes with exchangeable colored Flap Top! I chose to get pink for me but there are other cool colors like Burgundy and Brown too which I’m sure will look equally chic.

You can change the look of your backpack whenever you want with these exchangeable flap tops in various different colours. The flap tops are held to the backpack with a strong zipper, which makes it easy and convenient to switch out. It’s literally like owning 2-3 bags when in reality, it’s just one!

How to maximize the use of Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack?

This is how we are using our swedish Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack and we are loving the functionality it provides:

  • My girl takes it to her tuition. It can easily fit 2-3 notebooks and her stationery.


  • I use it when I go out with my little boy. Fits wet wipes, my wallet, his extra tee and some snacks.
  • It looks very stylish when I attend events. Some makeup stuff and my cards etc.
  • Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack can be a part of your Friday Work Wear. My i-Pad and Tablet fits perfectly in it. It helps a lot when you are on the go visiting clients or have meetings. In fact, I think it can fit a smaller laptop too without any hassle.


  • For Short getaways or Staycaytions, Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack is very handy. I find it so convenient to pack my wallet, passport and lots of random items. I used to carry it in a shoulder bag but it gets very messy there. Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack works wonders because this swedish backpack just rests nicely on my shoulders and doesn’t disturb when you are enjoying your travel.

Winsome features of my Swedish Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack:

I must list down a few features of Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI backpack that have won hearts at my home.

  • The Clässy Mini is the mini version of the Clässy, one of Gaston Luga bestselling models. So, if you already own Clässy or other models of Gaston Luga then you are bound to love Clässy Mini for the very reasons why you loved it’s sister of cousins.
  • This mini backpack exudes Scandinavian minimalism. It’s charming and very functionals with sleeker shoulder straps. It’s shape is perfect and those customizable flap top covers match all styles all year round.
  • I can vouch for the material and quality of Gaston Luga backpack. Clässy Mini is no exception. It comes with:
    • Strong durable nylon and vegan leather – no animal skin here!
    • Magnetic strap closure
    • Light weight – easy to carry
    • Water resistant – In Singapore, it rains anytime. This feature is a must-have.
    • 1 larger inner pocket
    • 2 smaller inner pockets
    • Adjustable shoulder straps
    • Exchangeable flap top – very stylish innovation from Gaston Luga peeps.




Clässy Mini is truly light, functional and customizable.

Big Savings for you to purchase your own Gaston Luga Backpack

It is always free shipping (DHL Express or Fedex) + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + 15% off with my unique code rainbowdiaries on the remaining price after tax rebate.

While Stocks Last Only, there’s FREE Coloured Flap Top With Every Clässy Mini. Also, you can redeem a free tote bag with every purchase of Gaston Luga backpack.

More Info about Gaston Luga Backpack:

Website | Instagram


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  3. This looks like a new brand to me as I am hearing about it for the first time. However, It seems quite unique for the features it offers. Loved the exchangeable flap feature a lot to suit the changing requirements as per outfits. Lovely video by your daughter.

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