We tried debon herbals…

Herbal products are super effective for energy booster, skin, hair, blood etc. and it often has less side effects. But there is always a second thought that do they really work? Are they effective…..Yes plants offer an effective, safe and cost effective alternative to chemicals. Herbs can play a great role in preventative and proactive approach to health care. We reviewed Debon herbals products like Aloe shampoo, astringent, Amla and Shikakai shampoo, anti-blemish cream, cleansing milk, blemish and pigmentation facial kit that vouch for the goodness of herbs for one’s skin and hair.



Debon Haircare


Aloe shampoo : – As everyone know Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that is used for many purposes and Debon shampoo contains Aloe Vera that is very effective for preventing hair loss and also helps in hair growth.

Amla and Shikakai Shampoo: – These both ingredients are important and are used in all herbal shampoos especially in India. Shikakai leaves contain alpha hydroxy acid to serve as exfoliating and moistening agent. You don’t really need special conditioner. It gives lustrous shine to my hair, makes them soft and helps in disinfection of scalp. It stimulates hair growth and control grey hair where as Amla is an excellent medicine that contains vitamin C. Regular use of Amla and Shikakai shampoo strengthens the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth and keeps dandruff away.


Debon herbal shampoo has a very pleasant fragrance. Its flip cap at the top of the bottle is quit sturdy and leak proof. After using I felt that it makes my hair shiny and soft. After every hair wash, I found that my hair are tangle free and give lustre to my hair. My hair fall is quite less compared to earlier. I am very satisfied with Debon herbal shampoo.

Debon Skincare

Cleansing milk: – It is very light and gentle for skin. It is made from natural emulsion of fats and water. Debon cleansing milk is perfect at removing dirt and makeup. It is made of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera juice, geranium oil and lemon oil.

Astringent: – People who are suffering from oily skin, astringent can help them a lot to improve the skin appearance by minimizing pores and drying up oily skin. So recently I got Debon astringent which is made with herbal ingredients such as menthol, Aloe Vera juice. It acts as a good foundation for healthy skin and removes all traces of dirt and oil and protects the skin.

Anti-blemish cream: – You are tired of acne and pimples marks, blemishes and pigmentation? then you should try Debon’s Anti-blemish cream. It leaves your skin velvety smooth and toned. It has natural herbal ingredients Aloe Vera juice, almond oil, neem oil, lodhra, methi, tulsi. I am sure some of you must have heard about these ingredients from your mom and grandma. These herbs have been popular since ages.




Cleansing milk:- I wear makeup when I go for any marriage or any event. Recently after coming back from such events, I have removed my makeup with Debon cleansing milk and it does a great job. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and removes dirt, grim and excess oil. With the regular use my skin texture has improved and am hoping to see even better results in the long run.



Astringent: – My skin is not prone to acne/pimple, although sometimes there could be a breakout. I apply Debon astringent on my face and in few days my face becomes clearer. Best part is it has menthol that keeps me refreshing and its pocket friendly too. If those who don’t prefer using soap or face wash, can give Debon astringent a try. It can be applied before putting on makeup also.

Anti-blemish cream: – I have T type skin it means my nose and forehead is oily and cheeks are dry. I was in real need of something great to get rid of pigmentation on my face. So I thought of going with Debon anti blemish cream. It has brilliant ingredients list that are nothing but herbal extracts. It has a creamy texture and is on the thicker side. But after applying on my skin absorbs the cream beautifully and leaves it velvety soft.

We are also trying out currently Debon’s Blemish and Pigmentation Free Facial Kit. It’s an elaborate treatment to improve your skin condition.



Facial Kit: – The Debon blemish and pigmentation free facial kit comes with an advanced research. It contains fruits extracts, plant derived oil herbs and is specially designed to brighten and lighten the skin. It purifies and nourishes the skin and gives radiant glow to the face.

Here are the easy steps in Debon facial kit:

Firstly I apply cleansing milk on my face to clean excess oil, dirt, bacteria and clogged pores which had developed into blackheads. After messaging in circulation motion on the face and neck foe 3-4 minutes and I clean it with a wet cotton thoroughly.

Secondly after cleansing milk I apply a small amount of facial scrub on my wet face and neck. Do scrub gently for 3-4 minutes in circular motion for stimulating blood circulation and to remove dead cells. After that wash thoroughly with water. Tada, you will surely see the radiance on your face.

Thirdly I apply anti blemish cream and gently massage in on wet face and neck for 4-5 minutes which helps to even out the texture of the skin and reduces blemishes/pigmentation.

Fourthly I mix neem face wash with water or coconut water to form into paste and apply it on face and neck. After keeping for 10-15 minutes rinse with water.

Last but not the least apply astringent that doubles up as a skin toner. It helps in tighten the skin pores and leave the skin cool.

I will recommend you to repeat these 5 steps in regular interval and it will maintain firmness and skin elasticity. It also leaves the skin soft and supple. Debon facial kit is herbal and has no harmful chemicals. Best part it has free bleach cream which gives fairer complexion.

Overall, We would give thumbs up to Debon for sure.

For more information, visit Debon Website: http://www.debonherbals.com/



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