Family Fun during Summers – Family Bonding and Activities for Kids during Summer

Summer is here and all that it comes with the summer is also here! Holidays, Mangoes and Terrible heat means summer for many of us. Kids have school holidays and how to keep them engaged throughout the holidays in scorching summer heat is one of the biggest headaches for parents like me. Read on for some fun ideas and activities that you can enjoy with the entire family during summer days.

Travel to cool places

The place where you stay might be super-hot during summer and that gives you the excuse to escape from it and spend some time with the entire family at some cool destination. This way you can beat the heat and make memories with kids. People staying in India has wide variety of choices within the country itself like Shimla, Manali and so on. Some of you might discover foreign shores too during summer.

When you are travelling, it’s nothing but holistic experience. Isn’t it? Right from the journey to the destination to exploring the cultural, historical places, from tasting yummy local food to shopping – there’s something for everyone to cherish during this summer getaway.

For kids, it’s a trip to the whole new world. Those big eyes filled with curiosity are eager to try out every new thing – horse riding or some such new activity, clicking pics, playing in the new playgrounds, kids have a rocking time during summer travels.


We recently visited Genting Highlands in Malaysia and kids keep talking about it always. By the way, when it comes to traveling with kids; as a mom; I always try to ensure that kids get enough nutrition. Sometimes it’s not feasible to get proper food. Carrying Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 milk powder in travel pack size of 200 ml is a savior. All I need is warm water. Just mix and give to kids. Done!

Visiting extended family

Whole year everyone is busy in their own routine of study, work and repeat. We hardly get time to visit uncles, aunties and grandparents. Summer is the best time to make up for this.

When we visit our extended family, it’s such a pleasure! Playing with cousins, eating delicacies made by grandmother, joking around with uncles, going for the sightseeing – summers bring endless fun. Kids get to learn a lot too when they visit the extended family. Being flexible, mingling with cousins, experiencing a new routine in a new place are some of the takeaways.

Whenever we get an opportunity, we are off to kids’ grandparents’ place. Such precious memories we collect there every summer vacation. By the way, if cognitive development of kids is good then they truly appreciate such family time. Do you know that cognitive development also helps kids to learn languages quickly?

Indoor Games

If you prefer to stay in the same city during summers, there’s no dearth of indoor activities that we can do as a family.

Parents can take some leave and have exclusive focused time with kids indoors. Getting up late, cuddling and hugging each other, having delish breakfast together, watching TV all becomes very special when we do it as a family.

Then there are board games for hours of entertainment. Jenga, UNO, Scrabble, Monopoly and the list goes on.

Recently, my family got this Dominos Effect game and it’s addictive. Entire family is on it literally.

Playing indoor games help kids to focus, to learn teamwork and improves their problem solving abilities. Sometimes the food they eat are not enough to ensure their holistic growth. I give them children’s nutrition formula like Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 to fulfill their requirements for vitamins, minerals and nutrients. What I like the most is the convenience to carry it wherever we go. It comes in all sizes. Even travel size of 200 ml is available.

Art and Crafts activities, going to Library

Summer time is the best time to let your creative juices flow. Schools are out and Creativity is in! My daughter can spend hours in creating her own Arts and Crafts masterpieces during summer holidays. Her father often helps her and they together do a lot of recycling and upcycling.


Another activity that I indulge with my kids is going to library. Books are the best friends and should I say that Family that reads together, stays together?!


Picking up a new hobby

Summer vacation gives us a breather from the regular school study and it’s definitely possible to pick up some new hobby during this period. Learning piano, badminton, calligraphy – seriously there are so many ideas. In fact, even parents can join the kids and learn new skill together.


So yes, summers though hot is an excellent season that provides all the reasons to bond with the family. But, moms are moms and I must ask you…

Are you taking care of Kids’ health?

Summers bring enormous amount of joy. Let not kids’ ill health bring down the joy meter! It’s important to take care of health during summers just like we do all year round.

Stay hydrated, eat healthy and avoid fried and junk, wear comfortable clothes, keep body clean, wash hands regularly are some of the tips I would give based on my own experience of raising two kids.

Another crucial point is – Make sure that the Formula Milk Powder your kid is drinking is providing him the right kind of nutrition because summers can sap energy since the weather is hot. It’s important that the kids get adequate hydration and nutrition through nutritious milk powder they drink. After all, our little bundles deserve the best.

Talking about Children Nutrition Milk Powder, I always look for 3 things:

  • Does it provide necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients recommended daily for kids?
  • Is the formula light on the tummy of the kids and doesn’t bloat or constipate them?
  • Does it taste good and helps in overall development of the kids?


I have started using Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 for my boy. It’s World’s No. 1 Children’s Nutrition Brand for 2-10 years old. Soon, I would progress him to Enfagrow A+ Stage 5. So far, we are loving it and my son enjoys drinking his Enfagrow A+.


Since it’s a summer time and school holidays are on, when we travel, we also carry Enfagrow A+ with us. It’s very easy to prepare and even when we stay in hotels, this is a breeze to make.


What are you doing this summer? How your kids are enjoying their holidays? Do share with me!

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  1. Vacations are best time to make your bonding strong with kids, I used do art and craft with my daughter in this way we both get some quality time with each other.

  2. flavorsofworld

    We are on vacation now and we really love the summer vacation .. I must want to try out this nutritional powder you have mentioned!

  3. Really like the tips about what can be done with kids during summers. We always go for vacations or to our hometown to spend time with our parents and relatives.

  4. Summer has its own benefits. I personally prefer traveling to hills with family. Nothing better than bonding with each other in a new place and doing activities together.

  5. These are some great points. We have completed our vacations and now planning to visit the maternal and paternal extended family. Art and craft are our daily part of life.

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