10 reasons why you must visit Resorts World Genting – Part 2

Where are the first five reasons why you must visit Resorts World Genting? In my post! Read them here if you haven’t yet.

6. RedTail by Zouk –


Kids have lots to do in Resorts World Genting but fret not, lots to do for adults too. Created by the peeps behind Asia’s best nightclub, Zouk Singapore, Zouk Genting is all set to revolutionize Malaysia’s nightlife scene with four distinctive destination zones, Zouk Beach, Zouk Club, Capital which is opening in later 2018 and RedTail Bar by Zouk AKA RedTail.


RedTail by Zouk is a cool spot to chill out over some drinks and music. We can enjoy exciting cocktails while they indulge in a variety of games like Xbox E-Games, Beer Pong, darts, and pool, or simply Play jenga and chat away happily with friends. RedTail spannin 4,289 sq ft, is able to accommodate up to 150 guests—and while it is designed to be a millennial magnet, it will appeal to patrons of all ages. Say bye to routine and say hi to a relaxing evening. Not a fan of alcohol? No worries there are some choicest of mocktails too.


This time we had our kids with us so we couldn’t stay back in RedTail for long time. We should have made them sleep and go back to RedTail. Tch tch, never mind next time.

Offering the perfect setting for pre-club drinks and group celebrations, RedTail boasts of exciting features including a Beer bar, Tiki bar, and light meals and snacks. RedTail will also regularly host competitions and opportunities to go head-to- head against players across the world with exciting, real time e-gaming tournaments.
sit back and relax while listening to cool live music or watching their favourite sports on screen. RedTail offers many unique concoctions and dishes—for example, the Zouk-inspired sour plum shot, a bestseller in Singapore and part of the Zouk DNA, will be brought to RedTail as well. Another unique offering at RedTail are cocktail classes for patrons that would make perfect team-building activities for corporations.

The very atmosphere of the place also celebrates culture and arts—RedTail being a big supporter of the Southeast Asian art scene. The décor showcases murals, graffiti art, handcrafted lighting and sculptures, and guests can feast their eyes on bespoke pieces by up-and- coming local talents.


Don’t you find this RedTail mascot – Xiao Hong the Red Panda Boy too charming? He is fun, popular, sociable, adventurous and playful just like the vibes that RedTail exudes.

7. Zombie Outbreak –


Scary creepy Zombies all over in Zombie Outbreak! This most thrilling and terrifying attraction of all is definitely not for the faint hearted. To tell you a secret, scaredy cat i.e. me didn’t try this. But my horror movies lover hubby and equally adventurous daughter enjoyed Zombie Outbreak. They made sure that they tell me the stories of the thrill and give me that FOMO. Well, they succeeded. Next visit, I am definitely going to try Zombie Outbreak.

In Zombie Outbreak, people can experience what it is like to be one of the last survivors of a nightmare Zombie Apocalypse. We have to try to seek shelter in the abandoned house and it’s like a maze with a new terror awaiting at every turn, keeping the survivors on edge as zombies consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh are everywhere. No turning back and you have to find ways to survive…


8. Awana Skyway’s Glass Floor Gondola ride

This was a dream. You almost feel like on the top of the world or cloud 9! Essentially, it’s a cable car ride but the visuals that you see from the top and during the entire journey are simply breathtaking. Clouds, Fog, Mountains, Valley, Trees and all the shades of blue and green. You just can’t miss Awana Skyway when in Resorts World Genting.


We chose this glass-floor gondola for added thrill and it was totally worth because it gives unobstructed views of the surroundings.. The glass floor gives you added thrill and you almost feel that you are flying. Ooh la la.


Awana Skyway’s 99 cable cars can carry 3,000 passengers every hour on the 620-metre ascent from Awana station to the final stop, SkyAvenue station. With a top speed of six metres per second, the 2.8-kilometre journey takes just 10 minutes.

People get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the 130-million- year-old rain forest surrounding Resorts World Genting. The thrilling ride up the mountain begins at Awana station. Passengers have the option of disembarking at two stops to explore the attractions around Resorts World Genting. They can alight at Chin Swee station to enjoy the panoramic views or they can remain in their gondola until the final stop at SkyAvenue station which connects directly to the SkyAvenue shopping mall.

Have you been in that on-no moment? When you can’t get enough of the beauty around you and your phone battery goes flat exactly that moment?! No such worries at Awana Skyway since every gondola is fitted with two USB ports allowing visitors to charge their mobile phones. Wow, how convenient.

9. Bowling and Shopping till you drop

Bowling is anytime welcome and it’s addictive. Strike! is what we all want. We loved Genting Bowl at Resorts World Genting. Resorts World Genting’s Genting Bowl is big with many lanes. Even glow in the dark bowling is available at very affordable rates.


My hubby plays well. My daughter and me tried our hands too. I failed miserably many times but yay! 2-3 times definitely hit the strike.


And then there is SkyAvenue mall. This swanky, 1.434 million sq ft of gross floor area tenanted by an eclectic array of retail and F&B options is a pleasure for shopoholics. It is expected that 168 tenants and 160 brands will make SkyAvenue as their home by 2018. SkyAvenue is an amalgamation of the things that Resorts World Genting do best: entertainment, dining and retail. Guests visiting Resorts World Genting would enjoy shopping experience at SkyAvenue.

After all, satisfying your shopping thirst 6,000 feet above sea level is quite different from retail in the city or the suburbs. Don’t you agree?

SkyAvenue has a clear-cut personality to each level and you can find all sorts of things here: affordable, premium, casual and professional. Like I mentioned in my first post, gastronomic delights at SkyAvenue’s first level don’t fail to amaze you. It’s a great mix of quick service restaurants, cafes, food kiosks, mid-range and bespoke food outlets.

Second level is designated the luxury level and third level is dedicated to High Street fashion and mid to upper range retail offerings. Fourth level has very special attractions for the entire family. In short, you must visit each level of SkyAvenue.


In the meantime the entertainment experience is a fittingly spectacular Genting offering an electronic
mood board consists of three-storey high LED walls made up of small LED modules to form wraparound
screens at the concourse area at SkyAvenue. The screens have been placed in a way which immerses
visitors into the panoramic sight and sound presentations projected on the screens. The immersive,
nature-themed electronic presentation runs throughout the day. My hubby said it’s almost like New York Times Square-like sight.

10. Great Escape and Family Bonding

Resorts World Genting is located 58 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and it is an hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Resorts World Genting is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s city life to enjoy cool air, serenity, and all-round relaxation with your loved ones. Need some great escape like Resorts World Genting to pump back the energy in us.

I would not say that there’s something for everyone because – There’s everything for everyone in Resorts World Genting! Be it entertainment, dining, shopping, culture, rest or relaxation experiences; this wonder world at 6,000 feet above sea level just refreshes your body and mind.

Have you visited Resorts World Genting yet? How was the experience if you have been there? Others when are you going there? Take me with you too. ♥

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  1. This looks awesome fun place.. I would love to be here with my kiddo.. though it will be a task to control my kid and run around as he will be super excited.. ?

  2. jhilmildsaha

    All the 5 reasons are equally exciting enough to visit the place. No wonder kids will enjoy

  3. dulu genting lain..sekarang lain lagi..hehee..last week baru datang genting sebab review food..memang awesomela..naik gondola glass tu pengalaman berharga..sky avenue dia besar..tunggu mainan dekat situ siap, mesti lagi best

  4. Me too really love to go to GH, not because of the weather but more on the excitement..still cant wait for their theme park to be ready..don’t know until what years..

  5. Wow sis… You are there!!!! Should have took us so we can meet you there. Lately been up there for some review. If I know you are there definitely will meet up with you

  6. My wishlist when i visit genting in future is to try that Awana Skyway’s Glass Floor Gondola ride. Last time have dont courage since its transparent.

  7. Genting recently going through a major facelift that is amazing! Compared to the last time I was there almost 7yrs ago, the Genting today is definitely better!

  8. I love to visit Resorts World Genting, and visit often. If I don’t do anything, I can just sit at a cafe and enjoy the cool weather. I would be just as happy!

  9. Min Shamsuddin

    Even though i am a Malaysian but i only went to Genting once when i was 16 haha..after read this i feel like i will go there soon. But definitely i will not going to choose glass gondola!

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