10 reasons why you must visit Resorts World Genting – Part 1

Sometimes even the shortest of holiday brings tons of joy and it fuels you with the renewed energy. Our recent trip to Resorts World Genting did exactly the same for our family. Indeed, exciting things are happening at Resorts World Genting! Genting Highlands was always famous for its cool weather. Now, Resorts World Genting has made everyone’s Genting Holiday even more vibrant and multifaceted than ever before, adding a new dimension to the whole experience. After all, Resorts World Genting is no ordinary resort!

We were there for 3D2N and here’s how we maximized the experience – 10 reasons why even you must visit Resorts World Genting.

I wanted to cover all the 10 reasons in one blog post but looks like it’s not possible because the words are just flowing and there’s plenty to write.

Here’s Part 1 below. To read Part 2, click here.

1. Travel to Resorts World Genting

We took bus from Singapore and it was such a memorable journey albeit it takes around 6-7 hours to reach Resorts World Genting at Genting Highlands. Stopping in-between for breakfast, chatting away happily with kiddies, taking short naps…

Malaysia is a beautiful country and the greenery will soothe your senses. Long roads, mountains and trees – uninterrupted view of this rustic sight is much needed to forget your daily worries. Family bonding is always at its best when you are travelling together. Isn’t it?

Soon after the bus leaves KL, the steep climb to the Genting Highlands begins. Mountains, Valley and descending Clouds is simply so enchanting!  We loved Genting Highland’s crisp mountain air and the splendour of nature that is 130 million years old.


[notification type=”question”] Do you know? 

  • Resorts World Genting is at 6,000 feet above sea level.
  • It has cool weather ranging from 14 to 22 degrees daily.
  • Annually the resort receives more than 20 million visitors from Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as China, Singapore and India.
  • Visitors can choose their accommodation from seven hotels,The resort has 10,000 rooms with one hotel namely the First World Hotel that holds the Guinness World Record as world’s largest hotel. Other hotels include luxurious accommodation at Maxims Hotel or the iconic Genting Grand which have been proudly
    awarded a recommendation accreditation and a four-star rating by the Forbes Travel Guide respectively. Otherwise, visitors looking for the height of opulence will find it at the exclusive five-star Crockfords Hotel. Other splendid modes of accommodation includes the four-star Resort Hotel and family-friendly Theme Park Hotel, together with Awana Hotel located at the mid hill that offers grandeur of greenery.



2. Theme Park Hotel, Resorts World Genting

Like mentioned above, Resorts World Genting has 7 hotels and all of them have their own special features. You should choose Theme Park Hotel if you are travelling with kids – just like us. It’s newly given a makeover and has fun elements for kids. Theme Park Hotel is the oldest hotel at Resorts World Genting and was built in the seventies. and Formerly known as the Highlands Hotel. Now renamed as Theme Park Hotel, it is now opened – a nod to its proximity to the first-in- the-world Twentieth Century Fox World theme park.


The corridor has freestanding glass screen tinted with coloured gels to great effect, playing with the direction of the natural light to evoke a continuously shifting spectrum of colour when visitors walk past.

You will see directional and other signs around the hotel are all “Handwritten”. There are a lot of line art and cartoons around and linkways have this hopscotch pattern on it so kids kids and adults can indulge in exuberant play. Where are Room numbers? Oh, they are hand painted on the floor in front of each room.


Expecting an influx of visitors with the soon to be opened Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park, Resorts World Genting is doubling the capacity of the rooms by making the beds the central feature of the rooms. You can stay as a couple, as a small family or even a group friends or big family – there are several types of rooms for all. We stayed in a Family Room with 2 queen sized beds that were perfectly enough for our family of 4.



Oh, if you get lucky, you get a room with this view. Check this below picture and I don’t have to say anything more.


I would list down some things that we loved in a room:

  • Spacious with a balcony.
  • Well-stocked toiletries.
  • Toilet and Bathroom are separate and this makes it convenient to get ready quickly. For example: While one kid is in the toilet, another can be given shower.
  • Charging points and even USB charging point to ensure your device always has a full battery.
  • Spotlessly clean.
  • No aircon! Some may find it a minus but for us, it was a big plus. At our home too, we hardly switch on aircon and prefer fresh air. In Genting Highlands where the weather itself acts like an aircon, who needs artificially chilled air?
  • The raised sleeping platforms also serve as storage spaces. Compartments in the platforms are used to store luggage, while room safes are also built into the drawer space. Clothes are hung on knobs around which artists have drawn outlines of closets. The television set too is hung on brackets, with artwork around it to make it seem that it is enclosed in a TV cabinet. Loved this open concept.
  • Excellent service staff. The hotel crew is prompt and courteous. A warm good morning with a smile makes a lot of difference to the guests you see.


3. Food heaven at Resorts World Genting

This I didn’t expect at all. We preferred not to Google too much in detail about Resorts World Genting because it can kill the element of surprise. So, we were expecting only a few restaurants or food options at the first level of the hotel etc. But so wrong our guess turned out to be! It’s literally a heaven for foodies here in Resorts World Genting.

Food is a unifying factor. Many of us live to eat, correct? In Resorts World Genting, foodies can find their heaven.

Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Western, Tapas, Italian, Cafes, Local Malaysian – you name it and they have those delicacies. Amazing ambience and fresh food. In the cool weather of Genting Highlands, you tend to feel always-hungry. Fret not, your tummies will be always filled up with all the gastronomic delights.

I’m listing a few out of the huge number of dining choices in Resorts World Genting. Do try them in your next trip to Genting Highlands.


You can satisfy all your Pizza cravings at lavish Motorino. Take your pick from ten pizzas ranging from the stripped (marinara, margherita and pepperoni) to the supremely Italian (stracchitella with basil, Gaeta olives, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, Cremini mushrooms, and Colatura di alici featuring cow’s milk mozzarella, red onions, grape tomatoes, white anchovies and more such exotic ingredients.



Also on offer is a Brussel sprout pizza with fior de latte, garlic, pecorino and smoked turkey bacon; cherry stone clam pizza and an egg, turkey chili variation. While am writing this, am drooling! My family loved the crust and the crisp and the softness and the flavourful pizzas of Motorino.



Malaysian Food Street



When in Malaysia, eat as Malaysian eat! Malaysian Food Street is not your typical restaurant, but a food hall type of avenue with five distinct zones: Little India, Malacca, Teluk Intan, Kuching and Chinatown. I would say unique flavors of Malaysian cuisine have amalgamated in the form of the Malaysian Food Street.


Each zone is distinguished by replicas of things or places pertinent to the location. There are ample Instagram worthy photo ops when you are eating at Malaysian Food Street.


The Food Factory


Huge! It’s really like a big factory spanning across 3,568 sq ft. It comes with an open kitchen concept equipped with mean, heavy-duty kitchen gadgets. Designed specially to cater for tour groups and MICE, The Food Factory can accommodate up to 1,300 diners at one time. It’s located on the 3rd Floor of First World Plaza,


The Food Factory serves a delightful range of breakfast offering West Asian, East Asian, Western and pastry choices from 6.00am to 11.00am daily.


Breakfast must be hearty and The Food Factory doles out freshly Baked Breads and Local Buns, Danishes, Pancakes, Cereals, Nasi Lemak, Idli, Dhokla, Putu Mayam, Pita Bread, Paratha, Congee and Condiments, assorted pau, Juice, Coffee and Tea. Pizza lovers will also enjoy freshly baked pizza.


Medan Selera

Operating from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily, Medan Selera brings together five favourite cuisines in an easy-to- access and relaxed environment. Choose Rice and Spice or opt for Noodles, Laksa. There are Western Asian and Crispy Chips outlets too. Don’t forget to give justice to always-popular Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kandar with a huge variety of side dishes. Can you imagine that Medan Selera serves all these types of Laksa – Nyonya Laksa, Laksa Johor, Laksa Kelantan and Asam Laksa. Yummy right?
Another option to look forward to is grilled meats and Arabic breads. Cooked to perfection, Chicken and Lamb Shawarma, mouth-watering Grilled Chicken Shish Tawook and Kebab, Roasted Chicken Leg, Seafood Rice and Middle Eastern breads like Zaatar Manakich, Mohamara and Cheese Bread. Meatholics will rejoice.


In a hurry? Grab quick salad or cut fruits, puddings and local desserts like Som Som Gula Melaka, Sago Gula Melaka, savoury treats like Spiral Curry Puffs, Banana Fritters and Potato Samosas and sweet temptations like Bahulu, Dodol, Kuih Cakar Ayam and Sarawak Layer Cake.


Coffee Terrace


Located on the lobby level of Genting Grand, Coffee Terrace is quite spacious and it’s fun to sit here with group of friends and family and enjoy tasty meals over chats and gossips.


We found a separate Indian vegetarian spread here and my daughter ate more than what she eats at home!


I saw long queue outside Burger & Lobster that specializes in burgers and Nova Scotian lobsters. Burger & Lobster at Resorts World Genting is the first in Asia. The lobsters are flown in weekly from Canada. There’s even a grocer loaded with pack n go options.

Vegetarians, you don’t have to worry. Almost every place will have something nice for you and the friendly people will churn out food for your diet. I spotted one Vegetarian restaurant that uses organic ingredients.

4. Gala time for Kids and Families

Resorts World Genting offers an array of entertainment and activities for kids and entire family. Level 4 of the SkyAvenue lifestyle mall at Resorts World Genting is full of such alternatives.

Jungle Gym

For the little ones from 2-12 years old, Jungle Gym is a wonderland of free play for kids to run, climb, jump, slide and tumble around and indulge them in sensory play. What you find in Jungle Gym? that never-fail-always-fun ball pit, slides, crawling tunnels, trampolines, a Movie room and more covering approximately 7,900 square feet.


My boy loved Jungle Gym and we literally had to drag him out of the place. Guaranteed sweat and consumption of energy for little ones while parents can relax a bit.


Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium

It’s a giant maze of unbelievable stuff. You enter this place and keep wondering how certain things are even possible. It’s a big world of amazement to witness in Ripley’s Believe it or not I must say. Very colorful and quirky – we spent long time here.


Boasting over 400 exhibits, a cabinet of curiosities including artifacts of lost worlds like the model of a Vampire Woman, Mike the Headless Chicken, and a model of David Beckham’s legs made out of worn-out bills.


This bizarre and wacky collection includes a collection of lucky charms from different tribes from all four corners of the globe such as Ho Tei: The Good Luck Buddha where visitors will be granted happiness if they make a wish whilst rubbing his enormous belly. There is also a fantastic model in commemoration of the World Trade Centre made entirely from matchsticks.


Those of you into anything and everything extraordinary will have a spectacular time for sure at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium.


Jurassic Research Center

One of the most loved experiences of my family while at Resorts World Genting is Jurassic Research Center.


Dinosaurs and all types of them! You get that what-if-we-were-there-in-Jurassic-era kind of feeling. These dinosaurs look so so real. They move, they make sounds and the whole atmosphere transports you back in time. Some young kids may find it somewhat scary but you should try taking them and let them explore in their own ways.


Salute to the team of Resorts World Genting for Jurassic Research Center. Oh, did I say that there’s detailed information about every type of a dinosaur? It’s worth spending time and read all this knowledge. There is even a fossil laboratory to study the different specimen models of dinosaur fossils with detailed inscriptions. The exciting highlight is a 4D experience of witnessing velociraptors wrecking havoc in a discovery lab.

The Jurassic Research Center is the answer to everyone’s childhood dreams with massive figures of different species of dinosaurs spread throughout the centre such as the Brachiosaurus, the Triceratops or even the sabre-toothed tiger. There is no better way of learning than interactivity and this centre does that best. We got startled when a T-Rex magnificently roared.


Genting Highlands is already quite cool but Snow World stands at -10 degrees! For us, it was almost like going to Europe during Christmas.


The effect was such that kids were singing “laughing through the snow on a one horse open sledge” for a long time after we came out of Snow World.

We have always stayed in the Asian countries and don’t really know what is living in a snow means. Places like Snow World are very fun. Those boots, those gloves, those jackets and snow rides…throwing snow balls on each other – pure joy for all. After we were out of Snow World, our cheeks were red like apples and our noses were red like jokers. We had a good laugh looking at each other.


SnowWorld is a true winter wonderland awaiting for all at the peak! Such a magical world of glitter and snow any day of the year, all year round…


Alive Museum

Yes, there’s Alive Museum at Resorts World Genting where visitors will enter a world of fun and engaging optical illusion art. With the artwork specially commissioned by artists from South Korea, the skilful brush strokes, careful details and amazing choice of colours result in the wonderful 3D images.


The trick art Alive Museum is a must-visit for those wanting to add something special to their social media. The pics come alive when you click them in Alive Museum.


Alive Museum – Tricks all the way. Alive Museum offers so many photo opportunities. My girl and my hubby explored this place wholeheartedly while I was with the boy in Jungle Gym.


5. Sky Symphony Show –

The huge atrium at the tail end of SkyAvenue has been the main attraction to many visitors we were told. So we visited it on the same day of our arrival in Genting Highlands. It’s spectacular with the giant LED screen shows and winch Installation performances called the SkySymphony.


The three-storey high LED walls made up of small LED modules to form wraparound screens, is the biggest in Malaysia. Very immersive and panoramic.

Currently there are three shows namely the Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess. We watched all the three and can’t decide which one was the best. I mean seriously? Kinetic balls can weave such beautiful stories? Sky Symphony show is a must-watch show when you are in Resorts World Genting.


Have you visited Resorts World Genting yet? How was the experience if you have been there? Others when are you going there? Take me with you too. ♥

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