Science made Fun with this subscription box

Which is the favourite subject of your kids? I am yet to see a kid who doesn’t like Science. By default, kids are curious to explore the happenings of the world around them and Science gives answers to all their questions. Now, it’s up to us on how we “teach” them Science and its concepts – boring theory or the same boring theory made interesting with experiments?! I decided to choose latter and that’s why got Thinkasaur for my kids.

Read on how we are fully optimizing the use of our Thinkasaur…Don’t forget to use the Discount Code that I have added at the end of this post.

What is Thinkasaur?

It’s Science in the box, simply putting! I spotted Thinkasaur in one of the kids fair some time ago and instantly liked the concept. Glad that I could review the boxes and share with you the experience.

By the way, name of this Thinksaur is Barry. So cute to follow his quest for knowledge with the fun-filled Subscription Box.

What’s in the Thinkasaur box?


Like I said, it’s Science Made Easy and Fun and Found in the Thinkasaur Box ♥

How we are grasping scientific concepts with Thinkasaur?

We already tried some experiments from Thinkasaur Boxes and cannot wait to try remaining. I am not going to give away too much information about actual experiments because I don’t want to spoil the fun for you all. But Let me share with you some pics and you’ll get rough idea of how my kids are learning and enjoying Chemistry, Magnetic Force etc. concepts in the most fun way.

Here you see clear cut and detailed instructions…


and we started making our Lava Lamp…

P8225772 (1)

Something exciting with vibrant colors…and big wow on the face…


Next experiment, bring it on!


Crystals in the making…


We also learned something cool about magnets. Watch this video.

My lil Scientists ♥


We are trying out other experiments and do keep an eye on our Instagram stories for the same.


Surely must try out for your kids because…

  • It’s different than the usual toys. Uniquely different.
  • It is loaded with edutainment – not a boring moment when you are using the box.
  • Science concepts are better grasped by kids when they do the experiments themselves.
  • For parents, it’s very easy to order and get it delivered right at your doorstep.
  • No need to spend our precious time in searching in shops / internet about kids-friendly Science experiments.
  • Thinkasaur offers a variety of themes and all of them are cool. Kids get to try out lots of scientific concepts and learn immensely. Some of their Best sellers are – Crazy Chemistry, Magnet Magic, Wacky Wires and so on.
  • Oh yeah, it’s an excellent gift idea. So next time when you are going for someone’s birthday party or want to celebrate your kids’ success in the exam and so on, Thinkasaur will be a great choice.
  • When the boxes arrive, it’s such a pleasure to watch the happy faces of kids and their curiosity to open and try the fun experiments! What’s more, the boxes pack up lots of surprises. Open then only we know what’s inside.
  • I found the materials and tools used for the experiments are of good quality and safe for kids. Of course, parents supervision is always necessary for complete safety. The box comes with gloves, safety goggles etc. wherever necessary.
  • I actually allowed them to try out Thinkasaur Box fun on their own. I didn’t poke my nose too much neither tried to explain them the whole story beforehand. Elder girl read the instructions, explained to her little bro and they both completed the tasks. I answered their queries only when they asked. It’s always the best learning when they try and learn themselves.

Discount Code for your Thinkasaur, my dear readers

  • Code = RainbowDiaries
  • Discount value = 5%
  • Limited to 50 redemptions (1 per customer)
  • Expires on 31 Oct 2017

Shop here!

More Info:

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Do get your pick of Science Fun in the Box – Thinkasaur soonest. Happy experiments, kids!!! ♥

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  1. What an interesting subscription box this is! Good idea that you got it for your kids. Great to keep them interested in science from a young age.

  2. That’s an interesting science box! Gonna explore what other options they have. Definitely takes away the hassle of prepping materials beforehand.

  3. Wow this is a cool subscription box indeed! I once bought ‘A big bag of science’ from Amazon and my kids had a great time doing the more than 50 experiments with the materials provided.

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