Soft n Smooth hair with Kenjo Salon’s Mucota

Last time, I wrote elaborately about how I had a hair makeover at Kenjo Salon. Hair need regular care to maintain their texture and volume and so I was back at Kenjo Salon.

I went like a blank slate because I know that my hair are safe in the hands of experienced people like Kenjo Salon’s founder Joseph and Korean Hair style Director Soobin and I should let them decide what’s good for my hair…

Mucota Scena Plus Treatment at Kenjo Korean Hair Salon – having heard so many good words about this treatment, glad that Soobin pampered my hair with Mucota Scena Plus treatment this time. Also, she did a root touch up for covering the grey.

By the way, say Hi to Soobin ♥

Lets see the process of getting Wow hair with Mucota Scena Plus Treatment.

Hair – how they looked before the treatment…in better condition because of the taming that happened during the first session at Kenjo Salon. But still stubborn and getting frizzy…

Time to tame the mane again! Soobin prepared the hair for the color and Mucota by applying this awesome serum.

Color done and now steaming on. Funny photo for sure. Lol.

By the way, my skin is sensitive and the hair color is something that can cause flare ups. I love the hair color product that Kenjo Salon uses. It’s such a great option for those who prefer ammonia-free coloring. It’s gentle on the hair & scalp while achieving long lasting vibrant colors without any limitations!

It makes hair look voluminous and well-moisturized too.

Very fast the color touch-up done and wash was done too. Kenjo Salon uses Mucota AIRE+ shampoo which is a boon to rough and dry hair like my hair.


Kenjo Salon,

Ladies, what a feeling right when the warm water and nourishing shampoo caresses and cleanses your scalp?

OMG! What happened? Why my head was steaming hot and blowing vapors? Simply, because now Mucota Scena Plus treatment had begun.

5 steps to silky smooth, super hair that almost dance. ♥

Step 1: This is called as Ethos and it helps to detox your hair that undergo so much harshness every day.

Step 2: This is called as Scalp Spa as it pampers and prepares the scalp for the treatment. Also infuses moisture.

Step 3:  Adel which penetrates the structural bonds of the hair, replenishes lost moisture and provides nourishing care.

Step 4: This is Brava. It works on the damaged hair and repairs the bonds. After that steam for 10-15 minutes is applied like you saw in the above pic.

Step 5: Last but not the least, it’s Calore. Great for protecting hair roots and gives long-lasting effects to the whole Mucota Scena Plus treatment.

Kenjo Salon,

Done! Compare the first 2 pics in the post with all the below pics. Hair look silky, soft, no frizz and nourished after Mucota Scena Plus Treament.

Kenjo Salon,

Very shiny too…

Kenjo Salon,

By the way, this month they have special promo for Mucota Scena Plus Treatment – you can choose 3-step or 5-step variant as per your hair condition and get hair cut too.

Kenjo Salon,

Quote “RainbowDiaries” and get 15% off for the first-timers and students get 20% off on all services. So go and make your hair happy!

My hair are happy and smiling. What about yours?

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  2. You’ve got some happy tresses there. Looks like the salon did a fabulous job! I’m currently on the verge of ‘growing out’ my pixie. It’s quite a pain! Nice to see a post on beautiful, fresh hair. 🙂 Cheers!!

    1. Lots of promo in August so price is affordable. Also, it’s complete value for money. Check their website for more details.

  3. Wow! Nice one, your sharing reminded me that I need to go hair saloon to have a pampering time too, hmm…not colouring, but hair treatment or spa 😉 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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