Monster Jam Singapore rocked and how!!!

Those of you who missed Monster Jam Singapore for whatsoever reasons, we bring you the start-to-finish account of Monster Jam Singapore here and now. We are just out of Singapore National Stadium and can’t wait to share the Monster of the awesomeness we experienced today!

First of all, have you read the interview that I took of Mr. Blake – Regional Marketing Director of Feld Entertainment? These are the people who brought Monster Jam to Singapore and you must know how much hard work goes behind such events.

Before the party, it’s Pit Party!

Okay, coming back to today’s main event, it started with the Pit Party – up, close and personal with your most favorite Monster Trucks and can you imagine you can meet the Drivers? They are amazing people by the way!


My boys (read: Son and hubby) were bubbling with excitement and the moment they entered the stadium, they straightaway headed towards the Monster Trucks. They forgot about this Momster for some time totally ?


Where to go? Meet Dragon and Scooby-Doo first or Max D or the cutie pie Mutt Dalmatian…decisions decisions. Ok, Earth Shaker first. We said Big Hi to the driver and took his autograph too.



Muddy muddy stadium and it was fun to get dirty. We met all of the Monster trucks, got jaw-dropped at their size and took loads of pics.


Grave Digger was clearly the favorite of the crowd. The Long queue said it all. Boys patiently waited and yeah, we took pic with THE Jon Zimmer. Yay!


Pit Party over and now began the wait for the main event. If the pit party was so cool, the actual event got to be superlative! We packed some snacks for our hungry tummies and now ready for the Monster Jam Singapore ??

Vroom, vroom – loudest of the sounds filled the stadium and the show started among the equally loud cheers of the viewers. Next 2-2.5 hours all eyes were fixed on the tricks and magic of Monster trucks. Monster Trucks came, they vroomed and they conquered! Their jumps, speed and the attitude – frankly speaking difficult to capture in words. Each truck has its own unique personality and all of them simply wowed the fans.


Let me share with you some photos and videos and am sure your eyes will become big and ears will be happy!


There were many types of rounds and races that tested driver’s ability and the truck’s agility. Timed round, Head-to-head racing and Finally Freestyle where all Competitors performed tricks and stunts throughout the floor area in a designated time.


Boys favoured Grave Digger and screamed loudly every time it entered! Monster Energy was the official winner but all the trucks were clearly won everyone’s heart. So for us, all are WINNERS.

♥ Special mention of the Monster Jam bikers. They gave goose bumps with their thrills.

Arrangements at Singapore Sports Hub and National Stadium were as usual top notch and world class. They had huge crowd to be taken care of but everything was smooth. Kudos!

Feld Entertainment, big thanks from all the Monster truck fans and whoever was not a fan now must have become one for sure. Looking forward to other spectacular events of yours!

Monster Jam – When are you coming back to Singapore? We are already waiting! ♥♥♥

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39 thoughts on “Monster Jam Singapore rocked and how!!!”

  1. Wow I’m never been to an event like this! But based on the video and pictures I can tell it’s awesome! I’m glad you had a good time.

  2. I love all the different trucks! My son went to a show with his dad last year. He had a great time. I’m sure he would have loved to have met a driver.

  3. woah! mindblown…honestly wish Malaysia has such an event too..we need this kind of thrills…coz our daily life is too boring …hahahahah btw looks like you all had a great time..and that close up shots really shows much appreciation for the monsters..hehehehe

  4. Great event.. thanks for sharing all these monster trucks & bikes with your readers here. I am always fascinated to see these beauties on television can imagine the adrenalin rush seeing in real.

  5. Omg that’s so thrilling and fun to watch this monster party live reminds me of my brother used to play that’s kinds of game this is for him will forward this

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