Being Woman

8th March – that one day when All start felicitating women. Though from the inside of inside of me, I don’t like just one day to celebrate all that stands for being a woman, in a way I must admit that good, at least one dedicated day we have for ourselves. But then why not International Men’s Day?

First of all, I am immensely proud of being a woman…Right from the childhood, when I first came to know about gender and its differences! Thankfully, my parents n grandparents didn’t make any Ho-la la about me as a girl. They neither commented like oh-you-are-a-girl-so-you-have-to-do-this nor overly praised me. They always let me do what I wanted to and scolded when they needed to.

But but…surroundings? Of course, people, traditions and customs around you always try to bind you especially when you are a woman, when you are having periods etc. and frankly speaking I DIDN’T like it at all. In old old days, when someone designed these customs, probably they had some genuine reasons but in modern times, am not really sure why we have to follow at least some of them.

Then came the growing years…those years when you start looking beautiful, when flattering and not-so-flattering looks are on you and that was the time, the harsh reality struck that oh no, I am a girl!!! So no choice but I had to dress up in a particular way, I had to take care while travelling in bus / train / taxi. In short, as a woman, I always HAVE TO BE ALERT. Now, this was really kinda sad part and need to be handled carefully.

Now that I think of all this, mainly because I am writing this blog, things seem to be not that bad actually. As a woman, I have not really sacrificed much, have still done what I wanted to do and this gender-thing has not bothered much. I have seen some fellow women always sighing and sighing over their periods, their pregnancies, their house work and so on. I somehow don’t relate much. I mean yes, we women have to go through all these things but we can make it look like a breeze. It comes naturally to us! God made us like this and salute to Him for this creation…

So the only thing I want to tell myself and my Daughter – Being a Woman is a privilege that not all beings get! Be proud of what you are and make the most of it. Don’t ever consider yourself inferior to anyone and certainly not to opposite gender. Just be yourself and discover the possibilities without any limit.

…And don’t try to be a Man – there is no need to. You are too good in your skin, in your gender. You have some distinctly precious characteristics and capabilities that a man doesn’t possess. So enjoy being a Woman. Go girl go. 🙂

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