Messy Fun n Learn with MyMessyBox

Subscription boxes! Buzzword in Singapore from some time…You subscribe to these boxes and get your monthly haul of beauty, food and so on.


With MyMessyBox, Fun and Learn is delivered to your kids every month. Imagine getting new toys, new edutainment every month – sounds exciting right? and what if this box delivers multi-sensory, Creative, exploratory materials  for the holistic development of the kids? Then it’s really something that we have to try.

So we tried MyMessyBox and kids thoroughly enjoyed exploring the contents of the box. Here’s what we did with our MyMessyBox…

  • Colorful, bright and sturdy packaging, first thing I liked about it ????
  • Another thing I liked is the variety of edu-plays it contained. Quite different from what we get across the usual toy stores. The plays were easy to understand thanks to the detailed instructions given on every pack of play of MyMessyBox. Kids also had lots of fun exploring science concepts, had Creative journey and learnt about their surroundings.
  • The materials contained in MyMessyBox are safe and non-toxic but it’s always safe to be around the kids as a parent.

Explorative Play

This jelly crystals / cubes looked tiny when we soaked them in water overnight. The first thing after getting up kids did was to run and check what happened to those crystals. Wow! They had grown sooo big…How? What happened? Little boy was full of questions and his big sis was giving him all scientific explanations about absorbing of water etc. I was just observing without any interruptions.

P1304606 (1)

Small or big, all were curious to touch and play with jelly cubes now. Squishy!!! They squealled in happiness. Then it was messy – they crushed it, saw how the water was inside them. Ha ha, lot of time the same thing was going on.


Creative Play


Time to get Creative now! The girl decided to give a makeover to the wooden treasure box. I was telling her to give some usual color but kids think so differently and uniquely than us. The girl said that no usual stuff for her. She wants an antique look for the treasure box – as if it was found underground or underwater or something. Hmmm, interesting!


Meanwhile, the boy decided to decorate the fishy. Many Colors of sticky beads and boy decided to use ALL of them to create Rainbow fish. Sure, dear! You decide.


To help him, we all participated. Of course, we all had to follow his “instructions”.Family activity already. Nice!

Another element of MyMessyBox was Active Play – Kids loved that too.

Overall, the activities are more suited for pre-schoolers and lower primary students according to me but even my higher primary girl enjoyed it and me also. Lol.

MyMessyBox – for me, it’s a great option because whatever we spend on same-same toys could be well-spent on something that is strikingly different and offers multi-sensory experience, encourages creativity and imagination and promotes family bonding.

Go for it parents! Kids would surely like it.


More Info:

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Side note:

Do you know MyMessyBox are the same people who brought Busy Tables – kids indoor educational playground to us.

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11 thoughts on “Messy Fun n Learn with MyMessyBox”

  1. Love the idea of having different activities planned – makes it easy for busy parents, doesn’t it? Lovely masterpieces by your kids too! 😀

  2. Looks engaging!! You’re quite right, I don’t think it will be suitable for children younger than 4 due to the small parts… can’t wait to let my oldest boy try!

  3. That looks like fun! And the contents look like they are of good quality (best of all so engaging yet safe for kids) Wish they had a toddler version for a 1yo Those tasks are a bit too challenging for my girl. Will keep this messy box in mind in a year’s time . Thanks for sharing

  4. A very good idea to have this kind of retails. Makes kids happy and educated in fun way too!

  5. Interesting subscription package this one, that kids will look forward to every month. Problem is sometimes you may not get anything your kids like, but that is part of the excitement.

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