ErgoSilver Laptop Stand – ergonomic way to good posture

Since childhood, my parents kept on telling to “sit straight sit straight” and I religiously ignored their advice and kept slouching. Sometimes, I think my tummy is flabby because of this way of sitting only.

Now my kids especially the daughter kept on hunching and I keep reminding her to sit straight. When in the school, Forward Bending Test was done as a part of health analysis, she received the same suggestion.

How to sit straight though because knowingly or unknowingly when I / hubby / kids work on laptop, we kept bending our back and the posture is so clumsy in this case.

When I got Ergosilver Laptop stand, I thought whether this tool will really work? It looks smart, sleek and has this elegant silver look. But will it work? Will it be able hold my tab, ipad and laptop all because the name says “laptop stand”…

With many questions in my mind, I tried it, watched my kids try it and yay, it’s really good!!!

First of all it looks very appealing with that premium aluminium alloy, silver anodized and sandblasted finished. You can use it in home and can keep one in office.

Secondly, it Fits all sizes of Macbook and most 14″ standard PC and 15″ widescreen PC with keyboard depths of less than 27 cm. That makes it work with almost all laptops.

This is how my tab sits prettily. If you have standing case of tab then it will stand also.



…and my giant laptop. The laptop is really heavy like an elephant and ErgoSilver held it without any shaking and all. I kept it on the ErgoSilver Laptop stand for 4-5 hours to test and ta da, no issues!

iPad looks very cute on ErgoSilver Laptop Stand and makes usage very smooth. This I liked because kids use iPad for some time in a day and they really don’t care about their posture that time at all. So now, I insist that they have to put it on ErgoSilver else they CANNOT use iPad at all.

By the way, the stand looks like this. Compact in size and high in strength. Sturdy, Smart, Elegant!

I clicked some candid pics and checked the before and after differences.

This is how the girl was looking at the tab! Definitely not good for eyes, not for back

Then told her to put Tab on ErgoSilver. Voila, now so much better!

Same goes for laptop. She was doing her e-learning after playing for some time on the tab. This is the way the posture was 🙁

Now, with ErgoSilver…The posture improves instantly because the laptop is raised to the eye level. The posture is healthy and makes one look smarter too.

I have summarized some features of ErgoSilver Laptop Stand below for your information:


  • Raises notebook height to eye level by 15 cm so you will not need to hunch and feel back strain
  • Rubberized silica gel pads on the top surface and bottom surface to increase friction and to prevent scratches on laptops
  • Its aluminium panel acts as an effective heat panel to cool down your laptop ten times faster than plastic or wood
  • Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly
  • Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use
  • A 20 degree tilt that brings screen closer and improves airflow around laptop ( prevent overheating)
  • Single piece aluminum design provides solid stability 
  • Best complemented with an external keyboard to create a highly professionalized workstation

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension L x W x H : 26 x 24 x 15 cm
  • Material: Silver anodized Aluminium
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

By the way, I found that the people at Primero who bring us ErgoSilver Laptop stand also offer super-cool chairs for office. But I guess can keep one at home also because now-a-days we sometimes work from home too. Also, the website has back-support cushions.

Super Hi-quality Office Chairs and Premium Office Chairs


Back Support and Lumbar Cushions

Surely, ErgoSilver Laptop stand + Ergonomic Office Chair + Back-support cushion combo looks awesome together and equally good individually too.

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11 thoughts on “ErgoSilver Laptop Stand – ergonomic way to good posture”

  1. We have these stands too! In fact, it is so useful that we now have 3, 1 for each family member! In fact, it is a must-have these days, because we use computers, lappy, tablets so often.

  2. This Ergosilver Laptop stand looks so futuristic! I’m in need of 1 as I find my kids slouching when working on the gadgets too. Gonna check out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. shubhadabhide

      For ipad and tablets, no issue at all…For laptops, anyways I take breaks in between so don’t feel the need to rest hands particularly as such.

  3. I think the stands are great devices. Just wondering if it will be harder to type with the elevated height from the stand?

    Phoebe @ Bpdgtravels

    1. shubhadabhide

      For kids may be yes…especially if they are using iPads and tablets…But for adults, the elevated height doesn’t seem to be an issue. Personal experience…

  4. This gadgets used to be nice -to-have, but as kids increasingly use electronic devices, the stand might become a must-have.

    cheers, Andy

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