Why my Flatlays don’t Fall Flat now-a-days…

Honest confession: I am a lousy photographer! I have no clue how to use professional cameras effortlessly with all the intricate settings effortlessly…I also have no clue what is shutter speed and aperture etc.etc. But I am a fast learner and want to combine heart and little bit of technique in my photographs to make them look awesome. I shoot with all my heart but what about technique?? 

This invite from Claudia – The Loving Mum and Canon Singapore came at such a right time!! As a blogger and influencer, I was looking for some quick tips and tricks to improve my photos and videos, some go-to apps that will make photos and videos more attractive and how to make Instagram work for you…The session which Claudia was scheduled to conduct at Canon’s swanky Imaging Center had the same agenda and more…It also included hands-on for learning FlatlaysWow!! I RSVPed immediately.

For the uninitiated, Flatlay are the photos that involve capturing your your favorite objects in classic, simple and chic way from above…using a bird’s eye view concept.

So, on one beautiful Saturday noon I reached here for the session:


The nature of the session was very informal and warm. Friendly Marketing Staff of Canon was there to help us out at every stage. A bubbly bunch of fellow mom and dad bloggers made the atmosphere more lively.

Claudia started the session and made it interactive by asking questions and replying to our queries. She doled out useful tips and tricks to create even better content online, handy apps that we should use for easy storage and how to increase Instagram followers. I am sure those who attended the session must have taken back a lot of learning.

Let me share with you some knowledge that I gained in this session. Example: To take better photos, follow these SOPs:


and those like me who are obsessed with Flatlays, here are some fundamentals that you must keep in mind:



For the hands-on session, we were given different models of Canon cameras to play with. The one that I tried out was Canon PowerShot G9 X


One look at this cool cam and you can’t help but remember the saying “All good things come in small packages”. Canon PowerShot G9 X  incorporates powerful imaging capabilities in a svelte figure. With a streamlined design and weighing approximately 209 grams, this pocket-size PowerShot G9 X is perfect for everyday usage. For modern casual photographers and videographers, The Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity features enhances the joy of photography with the flexibility of sharing pictures to popular social networks via the online cloud storage, Canon iMAGE GATEWAY (CiG).

I loved the fact this tiny beauty has powerful wi-fi capabilities. I captured photos and quickly uploaded them on my social media. Camera Connect is a great app:


Canon Camera Connect app also allows users to remotely control camera functions such as zoom, focus aspect ratios via their smart devices. This is particularly useful for group pictures among friends and family or in tight spaces where unusual angles are required.


The Flatlay Adventure during the session:

After the sharing session, Canon staff took us to another room where beautiful props, mooncakes, sample sets of Canon cams and cutie-pie Rilakkuma were waiting for us to be photographed in Flatlay format.

When I started to capture flatlays, they didn’t look like flatlays at all. LOL!!


But, after reminding myself of the tips learnt in Claudia’s session, I managed to capture some decent Flatlays. Canon PowerShot G9 X was very easy to operate and even a layman like me could take some wow shots. Here is a proof:


and some more…

One of my friends who herself is a very good photographer couldn’t believe that I actually took above photos!!


I am so happy that my Flatlays really look like FLATLAYS now-a-days…Rather than looking like FALLFLAT!!! Thanks Canon Singapore for organizing such innovative session…

One latest Flatlay I captured after Canon and Claudia’s Session 🙂 🙂

Are you Canon Fan too? Which Cam you use and have you tried Flatlays? Do share with me…



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  5. That’s really amazing! I think it’s the perfect opportunity to learn the basics and you definitely took great shots! I hope you continue trying out different styles of photography, you have a lot of potential!

  6. Absolutely fab shots. I don’t do much flatlays at all. Very recently I was thinking of taking one for a makeup haul post. The delivery just came a couple hours back. Gonna do it soon!! ???

  7. Very nice and colorful layouts you have. I personally like my Samsung camera with wifi capability. I am very partial to cameras with a powerful zoom. How much zoom does your Canon have?

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