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For some weeks, I have fallen in love with the Olives – They are in my salads and sandwiches, they are in my cooking oil and Yeah, these Olives provide all the nourishment to my family’s skin! 🙂 🙂


I was pleasantly surprised when I got the package and this cute little personalized card from powella.com.sg and a box of Olive – New Zealand’s Organic products for all in the family. By the way, there is a heart-warming story behind why the name “Powella” – You all should read it here.


Here is my Olive Care Kit…consisting of –

  • Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser
  • Olive Clarifying Face Wash
  • Olive 100% Natural Skincare Oil
  • Olive 100% Natural All-purpose Balm
  • Baby Olive 100% Natural Massage Oil
  • Baby Olive Natural Hair and Body Wash


As they say, the first impression is the last impression! The pleasant and mild colors like white, light green with Olive branch and fruits embossed in the background adorn the packaging of Olive products and it surely raised the bar of my expectations. Olive has kept things minimalist, clean and simple – no unnecessary jazz…I found the products easy to use / open / press. No hassles there!


My flowers and princesses are also curious to know about Olive…

Alright, lets see the goodness of each Olive product then.

Olive Clarifying Face Wash



Now I will call it a “Miracle Drop”. One or two drops of this face wash work amazingly well. Face is perfectly  cleansed, skin texture is supple and hydrated. I actually found this face wash a bit different than others. It appeared like a drop of water – not like the usual white color soap-based face washes. See my palm…it is so less…but put some water and…


It creates rich lather…just enough…not too overwhelming!


I massaged gently in circular motions, washed it off…Happy, Clean face 🙂


This gentle purifying cleanser is enhanced with a hydrating blend of natural botanicals. As dirt and pollutants are washed away, Angelica Root Extract, Pro Vitamin B5 and Extra Virgin Olive Oil brighten, soften and moisturise. Of course, as you must have guessed, it is free of any parabens, artificial colors. 100% natural certified product.

Olive 100% Natural All-purpose Balm

Lets welcome Olive 100% Natural All-purpose Balm – your companion for every skin need – be it dry lips, elbows or even dry face. I have kept it in my office bag and use it on the go as a lip balm! It adds natural glow to the lips. Who needs a lipstick then? Note for Vegans : this product is organic, 100% natural but not vegan. The good news is that Olive is trying to research some alternatives for vegans so that they can enjoy all the goodness of this balm too.



Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser

One more selfie just after washing face with Olive Clarifying Face Wash, after applying Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser and Olive 100% Natural All-purpose Balm on lips. No makeup at all! I was looking for a good moisturiser for quite some time – something that is great for sensitive skin, something that doesn’t make face too oily and still you get that well-moisturised feeling on face. Very hard to find my kind of moisturiser! This time though, I guess I have found it. 🙂 🙂


Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser is made from all natural ingredients like bearberry, lemon, grape seed, lavender and pure olive leaf extract.

All Olive products are made from the olive grown in the company’s own NZ farm nurtured with its own purest spring water and scented with certified natural fragrances. Olive oil, Olive leaf and other parts of the plant make these products totally, Owesomely natural and organic.

Whitening, Lightening, Replenishing, Moisturising and Antioxidant – Power of 5 in Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser!





Olive 100% Natural Skincare Oil

This tall, slim bottle packs the big punch when it comes to taking care of your skin. Just 1-2 drops are enough for the entire hand like I have shown in the following pics.



I poured one-two drops and massaged them well. A bit oily first…of course it should be as it is a skincare “oil” and then swoosh…absorbed very well in the skin leaving moisturised glow behind.



I just love the fact that tiny amount of Olive products are sufficient to caress and pamper your skin. So even if the cost of Olive products is a bit on a premium side, as a Customer, I won’t mind paying it at all! The products will last for longer period for sure.

Olive products are not just for women. For kids and men, Olive has a range too.

So after mom, now time for my kiddos to get pampered!!

When it comes to kids skin, My husband and I always tend to get a bit panicky especially after reading the news of how one of the most reputed baby products brand had to cough up millions of $$$ for its supposedly-safe-but-actually-unsafe-products.

Kids skin also tends to get dry, chipped and dull due to weather, dust and all the hi-impact activities they do the whole day. We as a parent need to give careful attention to this.

That is why this Baby Olive duo is sure to win the little hearts and their parents’ hearts too.

  • Baby Olive 100% Natural Massage Oil

  • Baby Olive Natural Hair and Body Wash

Baby Olive products are based on one sweet principle – To a baby, touch is a talk, Keep it natural!



Baby Olive 100% Natural Massage Oil moisturises kid’s skin and helps to protect it from dryness. It has the luxurious blend of almond oil, jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil that is known for its hydrating and, nourishing properties. They are free from any preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors, fragrances and silicones. Perfect formulation for kids tender skin.


I massaged their legs and hands nicely and added a few drops of Baby Olive 100% Natural Massage Oil to their bath tub as well for gentle nourishment of the skin while they are taking bath.


Baby Olive Natural Hair and Body Wash has a mild formula that cleanses, moisturises and conditions your kids’ skin and hair. Containing a nutrient-rich, hydrating blend of natural ingredients, this gentle all-over, body and hair wash is suitable for daily use. It is 100% natural certified product without any parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors, fragrances and silicones.

So basically it is a top-to-toe wash that eliminates the need of having body wash and shampoo as 2 separate products. My kids loved the mild fragrance of it.



Baby Olive products work with 6 action points – Soothe, Soften, Hydrate, Nourish, Moisturise, Protect


Why I love Olive products?

  • 100% natural, organic products
  • Directly from pristine New Zealand’s olive estate
  • Enhanced with estate’s own pure demineralised spring water
  • pH balanced and enriched with vitamins, fatty acids and minerals all from natural sources.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive leaf Extract used in products along with active botanical ingredients
  • Lovingly scented with Ecocert approved natural fragrances
  • Olive products are the result of Nature meeting Science. I can get the best of both the worlds.
  • Easy to use product packaging.
  • Smaller quantities give Big benefits making Olive products cost-effective.
  • I can use Olive products in different novel ways. Example – I can apply Olive 100% Natural Skincare Oil to dry hair ends and cuticles. OR I can mix it with Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser for extra surge of moisture.
  • I love animals and hence I love Olive! Olive products are completely and entirely against any form of animal testing or anything that would harm an animal or living creature. 

Exclusive to RainbowDiaries friends, followers and readers –

I am trying Olive products and am happy. You want to ride the wave of Olive Owesomeness? Sure, quote rainbow15 and avail of 15% discount on your purchases. Oh yeah, Olive delivers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and internationally. So our readers worldwide can grab 15% discount on their purchases.

For any inquires please feel free to contact:
[email protected]



Disclaimer: I was sent the Olive products for the purpose of this review. All pictures, opinions and experiences are completely mine and cannot be reproduced in any which way without prior approval from RainbowDiaries. No monetary compensation / benefit is involved. To collaborate with RainbowDiaries, click here.



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