My LASIK Xtra Story – freedom from Specs!!

I was stuck with this big, thick glasses since the age of 9-10. Still, very vividly remember that moment when every letter teacher wrote on the blackboard seemed abstract like a cloud. So sad & such shocking for a young child.

Later, parents took to an eye doctor & I got a new but unwanted ornament for my fine light brown eyes. Then started many years of pranks played by friends, comments & taunts by people around. “single battery, double power”, ”Do you require specs to see dreams also?!”, “your glasses are as thick as soda bottle” etc etc. Imagine the state where without specs, you are near-blind.

Finally after 10th, parents gifted me the best pair of aIl – “contact lens” ! Felt so free & empowered that time. They soon became “inseparable” part of me. Less dependence on specs, can do eye makeup, can wear funky sunglasses and what not! Will be eternally thankful to whoever made this discovery.
But too much wear (over wear) of contacts over the years can cause some serious troubles like eye infections, dry eye & eyes can simply reject the lens. Unfortunately,  this happened with me & I had to end the “love affair” with contact lens. Wearing contact lens even for a few minutes made my eyes look very red like straight from horror movie.

I visited a few specialists & all of them diagnosed this symptom of red eyes as  “lens overwear”. I found Dr. Rosman of SNEC (Singapore National Eye Center) by just a cold call made & decided to consult him for what’s next.

Find more about SNEC and Dr. Rosman here –
He first of all put a tab on using contacts even for 2 hours & I was back to big, thick glasses! sob sob.. Lubricating eye drops, gel to replace lacrimal fluid was the first course of action to undo lens overwear effects and reduce dry eye intensity.  And most importantly, NO LENS. My eye surface had lots of scratches and that had blurred my vision also to an extent! Scary..
A few more months and a few more appointments needed to rectify the ill-effects of contact lens and eyes started looking healthier again. 
At this point of time, Dr. Rosman finally talked about LASIK surgery to correct the shortsightedness. Some more tests and scans were done to check retina, cornea thickness etc. Doc found that the thickness of my cornea is on a border line and surgery can be done ONLY once. No more correction surgeries we’re possible. Also, there could be a risk of bulging cornea after a period. 
I was so disappointed upon learning this. But wait! There was a way out to avoid cornea bulging – LASIK Xtra. Here, they will add vitamins to strengthen cornea immediately after surgery to avoid issues that could arise after a few years. Of course, it costed more but dear hubby was willing to sponsor. Love him!! 
Date of surgery was decided – 19th December 2013. One final test 7 days before the surgery was conducted and green signal was given. 
I watched some videos on YouTube to know exactly what is going to happen during surgery. That made me really frightened but at the same time prepared mentally. Videos can be found here –
Finally, on the day of the surgery, caring nurses @ SNEC put numbing eye drops and took me to the operation theatre. My heart was going dhak dhak dhak. Doc again explained the procedure, asked me to stay still and voila!! After 10-15 months minutes, it was over also. What a breeze! What a technology! What expertise! Salute the entire crew of docs, nurses and other staff @ SNEC.
Then, I was made to put on one stylish dark sunglasses covering eyes completely, lot of eye drops were given and hubby drove me back home. Eyes were tearing like river and were sore but it was expected. That whole day just sleeping, drinking soups and other liquids and putting eye drops after every 1-2 hours was the routine.
Next morning was a revelation!! I was able to see EVERYTHING with naked eyes. Feeling so alien too me..felt like a child who opens its eyes for the first time..
Took about 3-6 months to stabilize the vision and achieve perfection. Regular check-ups, eye drops helped it of course. Doctor has advised to take care of eyes just like normal eyes. No too much computer / other digital devices, no harsh rubbing etc. 
Touch wood…the vision continues to be clear and beautiful for many years to come.
You can contact Dr. Rosman via his facebook page also. 
If you have any queries, you can also contact me on Would love to help!
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  5. Nice, that you've gone for lasik. I got teased a lot growing up wearing spectacles too and I felt the exact same way. Except that I have to wear specs because I was born with cataracts (IKR!!). Well, even with surgery to remove it, I still need to wear glasses, but thankfully only when I drive.

  6. Same here, been wearing glasses all my life but for now i am content with contact lenses as i can't afford a lasik procedure. Probably will consider doing it when i am much older when there is a need to.

  7. I've always wanted to consider Lasik surgery since contacts and glasses can be a toxic habit. It's glad they found a procedure that works on you.

  8. I am happy for you that you are able to see clearly now. I have heard many people are actually doing Lasik. Maybe someday I have to do it too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. It's good that you have finally rid yourself of glasses and contact lenses. Which reminds me because I've been spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Somehow, I don't wear glasses and my eye vision is still normal, but I have to take care of it, nonetheless.

  10. Wow congratulations! I bet that's a nice feeling. I wear glasses as well and I find them extremely uncomfortable at times. It doesn't feel like a part of me. It's good to know that lasik sure does work out well. Thanks for sharing. I should talk to my eye doctor as well and see what's best.

  11. Congrats!!! So happy for you. A couple of my friends are considering lasik surgery. It is really difficult for fashionistas when you can't wear eye makeup of your choice…

  12. I can never live and leave without my glasses. It's much too precious because I won't be able to see anything. I feel you on the pranks and the jokes, anyone who has worn or is wearing glasses have been there. I've been thinking of getting Lasik for the longest time.

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