Looking At The Brighter Side Of Wearing Masks

Close to last 2 years, we have been wearing masks and here’s a fun way of looking at the brighter side of wearing masks.

🔵 Obviously the most important benefit is – protection from viruses.

🔵 Anti-ageing – put on mask and no one will see your fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

🔵 Acts as a barrier to save you from other people’s bad breath and save them from yours.

🔵 No need to do makeup – just wear mask and save time! If you can’t leave the home without makeup then apply some eye makeup and ready to go.

🔵 Wear a mask and no one will know if you are missing some teeth or wearing braces. It’s a perfect time to get your dental treatments done.

🔵 Eat candy or munch on some nuts and no one will know you are eating even when you shouldn’t be eating.

🔵 Heart-touching reason – when you are full of emotions and can’t weep because you are in a public place, mask helps to act as a handkerchief and soaks your tears. People who take public transport and get emo while watching some movie or listening to some song, do try this use of mask.

🔵 Attention seeking tool – wear a mask and then remove it for 1 min to drink water etc especially during f2f meetings or small events and grab everyone’s attention! Generally everyone is curious to see the full face behind the mask.

Till we become mask-free, let’s “enjoy” wearing it for all such reasons.

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