Kids Code with Apple: Join These Virtual Sessions!

iPad has been always a wonder gadget for our kids. My kids use it for entertainment purposes like watching videos, playing games. At the same time, iPad offers so much when it comes to education – whether it is attending online lessons or taking notes, whether it is for activities like painting or music – we use it for all.

We recently discovered iPad’s tremendous potential to learn coding and what an amazing world it unlocked for my kids.

Coding is a 21st Century Skill and our kids need to learn it not only to improve their mathematics and writing skills but also to get an extra edge eventually in the workforce.

Why we should encourage Kids to Code?

  • Coding helps kids to improve problem-solving ability.
  • It gives kids a challenge scenario and helps them develop resilience.
  • Coding expands kids’ creativity.
  • Kids who know how to code will have the advantage in life no matter which industry they decide to enter whether it is the technology sector, finance, retail, health or any other field.
  • Coding makes learning fun.

Now is the Time for Kids to learn Coding!

School is out, Fun is in! School holidays have just started and one of the biggest challenges parents face during holidays is – how to keep kids engaged?

Coding is a great activity to introduce during school holidays and I am doing this for my kids. We have iPad and it’s time to put it to even better use with free virtual coding sessions with Apple.

Families with kids aged 8–12 can join three sessions with Apple Creatives from 22 November to 31 December and explore coding basics, getting started with problem-solving and more using Swift Playgrounds on iPad or Mac.

Kids can hop, skip and grab the fundamentals of code with Swift Playgrounds – an app that teaches coding for kids through a world of interactive puzzles and playful characters.


You can choose from Learn to Code 1,  Learn to Code 2 or Lights, Camera, Code

Sign Up here for Kids Code with Apple virtual sessions

Download the free 30 More Creative Activities for Kids guide here!


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