#Strongereveryday by Lancôme: Stories of 100 Inspiring Women in Singapore

We are #StrongerEveryday.

I am honoured to be a part of this campaign by Lancome where 100 inspiring women in Singapore share about their #StrongerEveryday moments.

I come from a family of strong women who’ve always effortlessly juggled their work and family commitments. This has driven me to pursue an IT career while being a mom of two and running RainbowDiaries.com and Social Media Mom SG (a platform for moms and mompreneurs).The mom guilt and anxiety do strike at times, but the support of loved ones and self-love practices help get me through these rough waters.

Although money is not everything, it doesn’t come easy. Proper management of Vitamin M is essential, and is something I’m working on. Always embrace your struggles and face your fears head on. Once you learn from your mistakes, you can only get stronger everyday.

Take the Lancôme #StrongerEveryday quiz to find your purpose and learn more about what motivates you.

You may also redeem your customized samples at the Lancôme #StrongerEveryday Virtual Flagship to support @DaughtersOfTomorrow’s endeavour in helping underprivileged women in their back-to-work journeys.

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Redeem your sample of Lancôme Génifique and get started with your journey of the good skin.

Do share with me about your Stronger Everyday journey, skincare routine and Lancôme products experiences too.

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