STEMWerkz: Science Made Super Fun

If you are a parent, there are 2 buzzwords that you must have heard especially in recent years – STEM and STEAM. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Add A for Arts to STEM and you get STEAM. Though the short forms are probably newer, STEM and STEAM have always been a part of our lives. If STEM / STEAM is incorporated well in our kids education, the benefits go a long way helping in kids’ school / university and beyond. But we must start early and that’s where we decided to review STEMWerkz which makes Science and other concepts very fun for kids.
Read on to find out more about STEMWerkz, how we are using it and what we love about it. Also, we have a giveaway and promo code for you so that you can give this gift of STEM / STEAM education to your kids too.

Why  STEM / STEAM education is crucial for children?


  • It makes kids understand the problem statements clearly
  • STEM / STEAM also empowers them to find solutions to problems – big or small
  • It encourages learning through discovery.
  • Most importantly, it leads to development of mindset that goes a long way beyond their school and university years and supports them in any profession they decide to pursue.


What is STEMWerkz?


STEMWerkz is essentially an app that provides an online learning environment to deliver STEM / STEAM based educational resources to children. It’s a great combination of STEM pedagogy, technology, and instructional design.

STEMWerkz promotes conducive environment for learning that will make kids love STEM / STEAM based learning without boundaries of syllabus wherever they are, whether schools are open or closed or whichever is their curriculum.
STEMWerkz is the result of team efforts of  STEM pedagogical experts from the USA and Singapore, in consultation with leading international experts in STEM education, such as Dr. Rodger Bybee (the father of the 5E Instructional model).

What works in STEMWerkz as a Parent for me and Why I got the subscription for my kids?

There are many reasons why I think STEMWerkz works for my kids. Let me elaborate a few of them.


The interface is catchy and kids will definitely love the color combination of sunny yellow, fuchsia and cyan. These colors immediately attract kids to STEMWerkz. Also, I find the app / website very straightforward. There are two zones – kids and parents and both zones are well-suited for their respective requirements.


All you need is a login and password which you get once your subscription is active and after that it’s very intuitive for kids.



Play: Game Based Learning



Today’s kids are well-versed in technology and latest trends. If you have to get them interested in learning, you literally have to speak their language. I love the game based learning that STEMWerkz offers.

It starts with a story and then introduces problem statement leading to its solution and understanding of concepts. All this happens in a very edutaining manner that kids will love.



As a parent, even I got quite engrossed with this game based learning. Fun!



Learn: Science concepts delivered in an interesting manner


I find Science very fun and yet quite challenging as far as my kids’ school syllabus is concerned. The topics are open-ended and keywords are tricky. STEMWerkz indeed makes these concepts easy to grasp and worthwhile to remember.





Rewards encourage kids to learn more concepts and excel at them.



Watch: STEMStories and STEMQuests



STEMStories and STEMQuests are super cool ways to learn more about Cell systems, magnets, ways to conserve water, Plant System, Body, Diversity of Materials and so on. There are literally hundreds of concepts to explore.





STEMChannel is like Science-version of YouTube. So interesting! The language is easy for kids to understand and delivers perfect clarity.




Below picture speaks volume about how kids will be glued to STEMWerkz amd will enjoy the world of STEM / STEAM.



STEMWerkz Academy: Live classes with Expert educators


This zone gives an opportunity to learn from experts in a live class manner where learners from all over the world can interact with each other and exchange ideas. Truly learning without boundaries!



Affordable Plan and Pricing


After reading all the above content, if you are thinking that the prices of STEMWerkz subscription will be exorbitant then its time to rethink! Prices of STEMWerkz are very affordable starting from USD 6.99 onward per month and comes with1 Parent Account + 1 Child Account and has more than 1,000+ Engaging STEM Lessons.


Our verdict? Definitely will recommend STEMWerkz for making Science and related concepts so much exciting!

7-day FREE TRIAL is available and you shouldn’t miss it. Get it NOW!

Use our Promo code SHUB30 which will entitle you all to a discount of 30% for the 1st 3 months subscription.

STEMWerkz Holiday Camp


Nature and Her Friends: 14 – 18 June 2021 (5 Days | 10.00 am | 120 min/session )

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  1. Olivia Mukherjee

    This is really interesting especially for a first time new parent like me. Going to start early for my son .

  2. STEMWerkz seems to be a nice way to teach difficult science concepts to kids in a fun and engaging way. Science is a subject which can be a bit complicated for some and teaching it in a light and engaging manner helps a lot.

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